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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
for NES
Published by laserboy1134
Author review
Replay value
Average 48%
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde for the NES is one of the worst games the worst game I've ever played in my life. First off, why make a game based off of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? This horrid idea already hurts the game, but let me just say, this game is bad even for the concept.

Let me begin with the graphics:
They aren't that bad, but they're about average. It looks Ok, but it won't impress or make your eyes bleed.

The sound is just more mediocrity, there is nothing here that we haven't heard. The music and sound effects are mediocre at best and won't give any fun to the experience, therefore, the sound isn't that bad either.

Now I will lump gameplay, replay value and challenge into one category.
The gameplay has you play as Dr. Jekyll then Mr. Hyde. As Jekyll you need to get to the end and avoid anything but the game gives you a weapon so that's good, oh wait, the weapon DOESN'T WORK! The game has a weapon that doesn't work at all making a beginner's trap. Somebody who just got the game will consider it broken and it probably is just a glitch they tried to cover because of the size of the enemies, who cannot be jumped over without perfect timing, so the challenge is not based off of fun but a frustrating, boring challenge.
As Hyde the gameplay is a little better but that means nothing. You hit enemies to kill them but it has the glitch that most games like this have, you fly back when you get hit or hit things making it impossible to dodge.
Both Jekyll and Hyde have repetitive broken gameplay with no fun to be had.

Now, let me explain the main goal:
You must get farther with Hyde than Jekyll but with Jekyll you can't use weapons, you cannot dodge enemies unless you time things perfectly and you cannot run. With Hyde you can actually kill things (this assumes that you managed to make it through the repetitive experience).

The game has a high challenge level but challenge should be fun not repetitive and boring, you die and have no reason to continue. Even if you manage to get through the repetitive experience (sadly I have, after much pain) there is still no reason to replay. Even with multiple endings you will sit there and contemplate how a game this bad was made for many hours, cry yourself to sleep, and will only feel better after playing long rounds of Mario, Sonic, Metroid, Zelda, and Double Dragon.

There you have it, the worst game ever.

Play Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde online.
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