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Doom 3
Doom 3
Published by xfighter1138
Author review
Replay value
Average 88%
Doom 3

I said I would be ending current gen reviews, but I just had to review Doom 3. I'll probably do another current gen review in two months

Doom 3 scared the crap out of me alot. More so, when I would play for a long time, and then get lost, and suddenly wander into a new area, and enemies would jump out, I would at least shreak, or say "holy crap!". Though, after the first few times, those scripted scares, fail to scare you. What was once a jump out of your chair moment, is now a "Die" moment, as you've seen it, and you will blow it away just as quickly as it jumped out.

Gameplay here, is alot like the original Doom, except now, they stress saving ammo, and watching all 360 degree's for anything that moves. Basically, this is DOOM, but in full 3D...and very impressive 3D at that. Would I compare the graphics to Half Life 2 like some idiots have been doing? No. Would I compare it to somthing like System Shock 2? Yes. Horror themed games, should be dark, and Doom 3 has dark in fact, a bit too much dark... see, in the far future, in the age when they can teleport people across bases, they can use hovercrafts, they have colonized Mars, and they can open up gateways to hell...

...they don't have flashlights or lights attached to guns. I understand the reason behind this, that you will have to frantically swap from gun to light and back again, but it's annoying as hell later into the game, and secondly, incredibly stupid, considering the setting. I mean, has no one heard of duct tape in the future?

As for the guns, they are re-creates of the original weapons, that look and feel quite similar...thus we have another flaw. The weapons are vanilla FPS. They are the same base weapons we have been using to frag things with, since the advent of DOOM on the 486 PC. Mind you, they work, but I feel that considering this game is supposed to be the "best", it would have more interesting weapon designs. Also to note, is that while the guns kill just fine, they sound watered down, and somewhat weak. Even the BFG, sounds flat at times, and thats the "Big Freakin Gun", not the "Generic plasma bomb".

Somthing that many complained about, was the story. I have to laugh. Doom was never about story..and oldschool fans, who complain, apparently forgot that Doom was about one thing, and only one thing. Killing everything that moved. People also complained about the level design, and how it was all inside. Again, refer to the original Doom to see how much it has changed. Yes, change would have been good, but then it wouldn't have been doom. Doom is about tight rooms, and frantic shooting...not wandering the hillsides.

I also have to talk about the sound. The reason Doom 3 is so damn scary, is because the sounds are just plain great. Things scream and talk in the background, the voice-acting is solid, and the monsters, they will growl at you, and you will cringe if your sound is loud enough. Gun sounds might be weak, but the monsters certainly are not. Also, at points, you will hear a little girls voice. I won't spoil anything, but it's terrifying to hear that, if your playing this game in the dark.

So what else can I say? It's a great game. It's not the best game, but it's far from the worst game ever. It's no Half Life 2 killer, nor is Half Life 2 a Doom 3 killer. Rather, they are two great titles, that offer very different styles of gameplay. If you want outdoor battles, and a Sci-fi storyline that follows a dystopian future, you want Half Life 2. If you want intense close quarters combat, with the dozens of Hell, and to be scared crapless, you want Doom 3.

Buy online: [ame=" 8-1"] Doom 3: PC: Video Games[/ame]
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Big Red One

Frontline FPS action
Old 11-19-2009, 10:58 AM
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Re: Doom 3

dude i know that i'll never forget the first time i was playing Doom 3 and went into those dark tunnels looking for more ammo or health only to find a biggest, ugliest beast staring right at me! great review, i had to relive those terrible nightmares that i had years ago! lol
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