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samejamesbond 04-05-2010 04:52 PM

Contra 4

[ame=""]YouTube - Contra 4 - Intro[/ame]

Contra 4 takes place 3 years after Contra: Hard Corps on the Genesis, and 2
years after Contra III: the Alien Wars on the SNES. After a period of peace,
Black Viper launches an attack on planet Earth, causing massive destruction to
everything the aliens find in their way.

After detecting strange readings from the Galuga archipelago (the setting of the first
Contra), heros Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, Mad Dog, and Scorpion are sent to
discover the cause an eliminate any alien threats.


[ame=""]YouTube - Contra 4 - Stage 1 ownage[/ame]

The gameplay of Contra 4 is very similar to Contra classic Contra III, but adds
new features to keep things interesting. Collecting weapons as you go has returned
from Contra III, but on Normal difficulty or above, players can pick up the same
weapon twice to get an improved version of their current weapon.

Along with the standard runing-and-gunning levels, are tunnel stages based on the
base levels of the original Contra, where players fire foward and take out various
markers on the wall to progress in the level:

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[ame=""]YouTube - Contra 4 - Stage 3 (Hard Mode)[/ame]

New to the series is the expanded area, Contra 4 uses both screens to display the
action, but unlike console rival Metal Slug 7, the area inbetween the screens also
counts as space, meaning enemy gunfire can come seemingly out of no where and
take you out, causing several cheap deaths.

After you beat the Arcade mode, Challenge mode is unlocked, putting players
through levels with certain handicaps, such as not firing your weapon, finishing the
level boss, or using a single weapon the whole time. This gives Contra 4 suprising
replay value most run and guns don't usually have.

After completing several challenges, new features will be unlocked. Two that will
be enjoyed by vetrans is the museum mode, where you can replay both the original
Contra and its sequel Super C.


Although not the best looking DS game, Contra 4 still has nice diverse
backgrounds that look like they did on the SNES.


With all the crazy action on screen, you need to be pumped up to take on this alien
menace, and Contra 4 delivers in one of if not the best soundtrack in the series:

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[ame=""]YouTube - Contra 4 Music - Stage 1 (Easy/Normal difficulty)[/ame]

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[ame=""]YouTube - Contra 4 Music - Stage 2 (Waterfall)[/ame]

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[ame=""]YouTube - Contra 4 Music - Stage 3 (Base)[/ame]

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[ame=""]YouTube - Contra 4 Music - Stage 4 (Harbor)[/ame]

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[ame=""]YouTube - Contra 4 - Factory[/ame]


If you miss the old difficulty and gameplay the NES offered, Contra 4 was made
for with non-stop running-and-gunning that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The strange thing is despite how great this game is, Konami still hasn't released it in
the PAL (Europe) regions yet, but if you live in the US, it's a must have.


Demon-Mask 04-05-2010 05:59 PM

Re: Contra 4
I like this game, it has the same feel as the older Contra games.

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