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Baraduke / Alien Sector (Redux)
Baraduke / Alien Sector (Redux)
A re-review of the first game I ever done under the EC Gamer name...
Published by ECInc2XXX
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Baraduke / Alien Sector (Redux)

Eric Corp Gamer's RU Exclusive Review Redux 1
Baraduke / Alien Sector

Previously reviewed: November 18, 2009

Link of the old review:\
While I'm continuing my Pirated Game reviews, I think I should re-review all the games I previously reviewed under the old review scale (excluding the first 4 RU Exclusive Reviews) as a better way to get my point across, and to review it the same way I do my reviews nowadays. After I do a Pirated Game review, I'll also do a Review Redux of all the games I reviewed under the old review scale (except RU Exclusive Review 1 - 4) are re-reviewed.

In today's Review Redux, I am going to re-review the first game I ever reviewed under the "Eric Corp Gamer" name, which is Baraduke (or Alien Sector) for the Arcade, released in 1985 by Namco.


For a game released in 1985, it looks amazing. Using the beloved Pac-Land hardware, it sure uses it at its full potential. While the title screen doesn't look like much, the in-game graphics are what makes it "eye-candy" (for an 1985 game). The sprites are highly detailed, and boast some decent animation in the game, though the aliens (or Octys) and the Paccets are kinda not as well animated as the spacewomen (or Kissy and Takky) themselves. The background look great and it fits the weird and creepy (i guess) atmosphere of the game, though, it can get kinda repetitive as the same backgrounds from previous floors are used again in later floors (so what?). Other than that, it has better graphics than most games released during this time (other than the Namco games that used the same hardware like Pac-Land, Metro-Cross, Dragon Buster etc.).

Gameplay: B+
The game takes a side-scrolling shooter approach instead of just a plain side-scroller (like Pac-Land). There are 48 floors in the game (or 8 stages with 6 floors each). The format for each stage is: the first 4 floors are just those levels where you have to kill of the aliens in the level before you proceed, the fifth floor is just a place full of capsules where you are able to prepare for the next floor (sometimes not really), which is the boss floor, and after, proceed to the next stage where the loop is over again until the final boss is defeated (obviously). During the game, every time you kill an alien, a capsule may appear (the later stages, they become more scarce) which may contain various things like a little yellow pellet (gives you 100 points), a gun (upgrades your firepower which makes your shots bigger and stronger, but a hit downgrades your gun by one), a Paccet (which may follow you or try to run away from you, and if you get one, it adds a chance during the roulette (which I'll mention later) to get an extra shield), or those Octys named Baganns (which are enemies, too). Every time you finish a level (if you have at least one Paccet, and/or have more than 2 shields, and doesn't count after you finish a boss floor), a roulette appears which determines whether you get an extra shield, lose an extra shield (if you have more than 2 shields), or you get nothing out of it. The aliens in the game are varied like this (they are worth 100 points each):
The weakest of all the Octys in the game.
The Octy that shoot only one projectile directly at the player.
The Octy that shoots three projectiles directly at the player.
Another weak Octy, but is kinda stronger than the first Octy above.
The Octy that cannot be attack from its back.
The Octy that like to bounce up and down, and you can't attack when it's dropping.

Getting off the alien topic, the game is really fun and very challenging to play. However, there are some flaws I have with this game. The problem is that the difficulty can be kinda unfair (especially post-Stage 2), mostly due to the lack of invincibility time (and what I mean lack, I mean there is no time), which if you get hit 3 times simultaneously, you will most likely die because of this, especially when you're in stages where there is little space to be able to shoot the aliens (Besides, why only start with 2 shields? Why not 3?) Also, you lack the ability to change directions to shoot, as you can only shoot straight ahead (now you may say, so what? I wouldn't complain if some of the level layouts in the game seems really unfair due to the lack of shooting in eight directions). Another annoying thing in the game, has to be when you die. When you die, you lose one extra shield you obtained (if you have more than 2), and the aliens change directions (once again,you may say so what? This mostly concerns the Octy that you can't shoot from the back, when you are forced to find a different way to shoot it). Also, I wished the bosses had more variety. The bosses you may think for the first two stages like okay, but once you reach the end of Stage 3, you notice that they rehashed the same boss from Stage 1, except the boss is faster. Same goes for Stage 4, which has the boss from Stage 2 except a different pattern is used. Despite its flaws, I still find the game fun and interesting and still find myself trying to beat this game (since Namco Museum Vol. 5).

Sound: B
Now you may think that I'm going to bash the sound like I did in my old review, but now looking back... I did sound a bit harsh on the sound. The game has no music at all, except when you start the game, when you beat the game, the Game Over screen, and the High-Score screen. While the sounds are decent, the beating in-game kinda reminds me of a heartbeat, and it beats faster when you only have 1 shield remaining, which I'll admit is pretty cool. Another thing I find cool is what the boss makes when it dies (dunno why, it sounds great to me). Overall, it sounds great in general and atmosphere wise.

Controls: A+
The controls are some of the best ever in arcades. You have freedom to move anywhere you want, which really helps when you are trying to get something or trying to dodge something. Not much to say here, they are plain perfect (to me, that is).

Replay Value: B
This is for people who would like to take on a very challenging (though kinda cheap) but very fun game. People who dislike this or repetitiveness of the gameplay should most likely stay away, but I highly doubt, us people at Retro Uprising would stay away from this.

Overall: B+
Baraduke is just one of those games that you like to play over and over from years to come. Though the game can be cheap, it's one of those games that help make this kind of genre seem fun (side scrolling shooter, I know this isn't the first, but probably the first good one).

[ame=]YouTube - ?BARADUKE?[/ame]

Play Baraduke / Alien Sector here:
Retro Uprising - Arcade - Alien Sector

Look forward for Part 3 of my Pirated Games review, and more Review Reduxs.

2010 Eric Corp Incorporated

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