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CasinoKid 02-23-2016 12:11 PM

Steam and controller clash!
So I downloaded steam and then noticed I couldn't get my sticks to work on uprising. After a few hours of tinkering I decided to search the forums here for some help. I saw a post from a user stating that steam and arcadeox don't get along... That shutting down steam will solve my issue. So I have deleted steam (F em) and everything is back to normal. Just wanted to let others know that if you have been having controller issues and you have downloaded steam to MAKE SURE ITS NOT RUNNING WHILE YOU ARE ON UPRISING. That is all #endrant Love peace and chicken grease.

Dudebro 02-23-2016 11:47 PM

Re: Steam and controller clash!
I'm glad you figured out the issue but you shouldn't ditch Steam just because of that.

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