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  1. The Anunnaki Are Coming!!! ^_6
  2. Rockefeller Foundation Study
  3. Ginnungagap and the creation of the World
  4. Le Bron James announces ... he's going to Miami!
  5. Interesting Links...
  6. RED ALERT in Canada
  7. The death of the electric car
  8. British Petroleum {BP} oil spill
  9. NY Times: Should this be the last generation?
  10. Are cameras the new guns?
  11. Sodium Fluoride and the chemical dumbing down of society
  12. The Bilderberg Group & The Rothchild Family Fortune
  13. The Norse Gods
  14. Map of the Nine Worlds
  15. Loke's Treachery
  16. Copenhagen summit to set up Global Government - 9 days of national sovereignty left
  17. Strange phenomenon in the sky
  18. Children are encouraged to commit suicide; told they are a 'disease' upon the Earth
  19. 500,000 plastic coffins for you and me (H1N1, anyone?)
  20. Denver International Airport and The New World Order
  21. Welcome To The New Group...