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  1. Shmup with bad graphics
  2. What was this game?
  3. Who am I? I am a 20th century video game.
  4. A vague description of a hoizontal scrolling Shoot 'em Up?
  5. I'm Back!! DOS or Macintosh title.
  6. Mystery Game in my head
  7. Gameboy(original) robot fighting game
  8. PS1 or PS2 Title
  9. space shmups
  10. Time Travel Rail Shooter
  11. you pull out blocks. (read more)
  12. Vaguely remembered coin-op platformer
  13. Apple Macintosh bulk CD games
  14. Genesis, Macintosh era possibly
  15. Vertical space shoot-em-up coin-op
  16. LF name of the late 80's vertical scroller shoot'em-up coinop
  17. Looking for earl y 80's arcade game
  18. 90s science/contraption maker
  19. 3D Robots
  20. Can't remember this one
  21. Game similar to Galaga
  22. NES (Famicom?) Bowling Game
  23. Famicom medieval game
  24. NES Game Early '90's
  25. Name of coin-op game (screenshot)
  26. old coin op RPG
  27. Name of the beat em up coin op game
  28. Point and Click set in Egypt
  29. NES Game - I believe it was never released stateside.
  30. Late 80s / early 90s coin-op
  31. Coin-op side scroller beat
  32. Help me pleaaase
  33. Genesis ARPG
  34. Bot Race Game with some Scripting (name searching)
  35. SNES game
  36. Arcade game can't remeber name
  37. Coin-op side scroller shooter from 1986-1989 - Name Needed
  38. genesis Game, was awesome
  39. Shooting Lemons
  40. SNES or Genesis
  41. Nes Game
  42. Early/mid 80's Knights with lances on a thin bridge
  43. Late 80's coin-op side scroller
  44. Side-Scrolling Arcade Game
  45. 80's coin-op platformer
  46. old SNES game.....I think
  47. Old coin op game.
  48. hacked sonic game???
  49. Help me name the game (PC side scroller)
  50. SNES game
  51. Is this game even real?
  52. Old Macintosh game..
  53. Soccer game with a twist
  54. If I could only remember =\
  55. 3 games that were supposed to be 4
  56. PC "Mind Trip" Games
  57. Turn based game
  58. Post 2000 PC Survival Simulator
  59. Genesis side scroller
  60. GBC Dungeon Crawler
  61. Another nes/famicom game
  62. Nes Game Title
  63. Coin Op Arcade Game Forgotten Title
  64. Gene altering simulation game
  65. snes wild west
  66. Can't remember name of Ninja bike boy arcade game
  67. and I just played it yesterday too...
  68. Help me remember
  69. Pac-Man/Namco Themed Board Game for Gamecube?? :/
  70. Really old game
  71. Zelda game, spin attack on Wii
  72. Side-scroller with kids in WWI fighters?
  73. Toy Story Skateboarding on PS?
  74. Plug and play classics
  75. Can't remember nes game
  76. Happy Meal LCD
  77. A weird game i remember
  78. I know this is unusual but I had to ask
  79. 90's PC game...cannot remember this at all
  80. Old PC game, Side Scroller Kind of RPGish.
  81. What is this game I can't remember
  82. Ninja duck bros? Coin-op
  83. Car chase game
  84. Tecmo Flying shooter arcade game
  85. Childhood Cartoon
  86. Late 90's Computer Construction Puzzle Game
  87. snes game
  88. N64 racing game
  89. racing coin op from early 80's
  90. Topic on EVG ~ eddiesisc
  91. I have no idea what game this is from
  92. Looking for an old movie
  93. Racing/Shoot 'em up
  94. Dreamcast game!!!!
  95. nes
  96. Puzzle Battle Game of the 90's
  97. Looking for an old cartoon
  98. Forest side scroller?
  99. Old Coin Op Shooter
  100. please help
  101. For the love of god - HELP ME NAME THIS
  102. Odd soccer game
  103. Looking for a SNES RPG
  104. Triangular sandwiches with the crust cut off
  105. What's this game?
  106. Sega Genesis Tank War Game
  107. Sega Saturn Game
  108. Frogger GBA game & Frogger for PS1.
  109. Strange game id like to find again.
  110. Ps1 rpg
  111. looking for a funny PC game
  112. an FPS on the N64
  113. Some old racing game on PC
  114. Some fighting game on the N64
  115. my wife
  116. Konami Coin-op game?
  117. Warlocked/A.O.E.
  118. Sort of standard spaceship game.
  119. 2 girls, 1 controller.
  120. ID
  121. What name of this TI 99 4A roleplaying game,that like ultima
  122. Megaman game?? which one?
  123. I can't remember this game!
  124. green bally guy....
  125. Multiplayer pac man
  126. Spaceship flying through a tunnel while battling bugs
  127. snes Robot game
  128. cant rember the name of this game
  129. Similar to Golden Axe, with a Centaur girl...
  130. boy and his bird
  131. Racing RPG thing?
  132. Point and Click Adventure game
  133. snes racing
  134. 1942 Type game
  135. I can't seem to remember...
  136. Super Nes board game?
  137. Looking for these games?
  138. Old computer game..
  139. Genesis game help?
  140. Top-Down Battleship Arcade Game
  141. Atari 400/800 game I can't remember
  142. silver walkers, genesis.....
  143. Atari 5200 assistance
  144. Naked Pigs?
  145. I need help remembering an arcade game.
  146. i've played it on a site similar to this one.
  147. wired 500 dollars for a banana game?
  148. Dance game where you can play as a car racer
  149. scary man running away from big cube game?
  150. PS1 Detective?
  151. Need Help Remembering a Game
  152. Genesis Motorcycle Game