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RU Joe 06-15-2010 07:08 PM

NY Times: Should this be the last generation?
Here's more information which I believe ties into the elites' agenda for massive Global depopulation as per The Georgia Guidestones:
Should This Be the Last Generation? - Opinionator Blog -

Propagenda much?
This is Eugenics all the way, backed by the lies of the Global Warming/ Climate Change myth created by Al Gore and associates.

You notice in the article how they keep referring to how bad we are for the planet?
Please ask yourself WHO gave us all the polluting, wasteful ways of our modern 'way of life' in the first place - your answer should be THEM {the elites}

Then they go on:

Benatar also argues that human lives are, in general, much less good than we think they are. We spend most of our lives with unfulfilled desires, and the occasional satisfactions that are all most of us can achieve are insufficient to outweigh these prolonged negative states.
So, we're no good because of the way we live? - again, the very lives that were shaped and molded by their own design.
Think Edward L. Bernays.

[ame=""]YouTube- The Century Of The Self - Happiness Machines 1 of 6[/ame]

I could pick this article apart bit by bit, so I will leave it to you guys to find some choice pieces for us to discuss.

Winnebagel 06-16-2010 10:49 AM

Re: NY Times: Should this be the last generation?
Wow! That article is whacked. I think the writer (and Benatar it seems) need to be on some serious anti-depressants. I like how the only people he seems to value are those who are seriously concerned about climate change and don't eat meat apparently.

RU Joe 06-16-2010 05:08 PM

Re: NY Times: Should this be the last generation?
WB, I don't think that the writer's personal opinion enters into this, and I say that because of the source of the story: corporate controlled media, which at the top is elite controlled media.
{ they hire public relations experts and have social scientists working for them to hone these stories}
A perfect example of this is seen in the movie 'Good morning Vietnam' with Robin Williams.
In that movie, every single piece of 'news' was carefully scrutinized before Adrian Cronauer was allowed to read it on air in order that the things he was allowed to read would paint a certain picture.

So it is with stories like this one; this is propaganda intended to play on peoples' emotions and influence public opinion.

Remember, this is the elites' eugenics policies they're pushing here though their 'news', with their ultimate goal being the ushering in of their new era of the 'post - humanist' or 'trans - humanist movement' once they eliminate 80 - 90% of us.

{some estimate they may go for 99% , and when you hear people like Dr. Eric Pianca of Texas University talk about how he wants to develop a new strain of Ebola to accomplish this, and how he '... can't wait until we're all dead.', I think they are not only serious, but also deeply committed to making it a reality}

[ame=""]YouTube - Alex Jones - Endgame PART 1/13[/ame]

I get a lot of flack from certain members for posting Alex Jones' videos, {hi DB} but the thing about Alex Jones is that he is not speculating - he is reporting what U.S. government {and U.N., I.M.F.} policies state in their own documents.

They say they are going to do these things, and sell it to the general public as 'saving the planet' {which they themselves have brought to the brink of destruction through deliberate and intentional mis management in order to make us all feel guilty about our own existence - the article at the beginning of the thread illustrates this perfectly}

It's always the same trick they use, and it just keeps on working for them:
Problem/ Reaction/ Solution - They create the problem, wait for our reaction, and then present the solution which was their original intended goal in the first place.

So far as the meat eaters go, I believe their fate is pretty much sealed anyways because in the U.S. 80% of the meat sold in stores and served in restaurants goes through a single processing facility owned by Tyson.
All it will take is one high level contamination of the meat at that plant and who knows how many people will die?
To make it worse, the documentary video that exposed this fact also said that Tyson is pushing to control 100% of the meat being distributed and consumed in the U.S.
{which means it's probably the same here in Canada but we haven't heard of it yet.}

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