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RU Joe 02-12-2010 09:09 AM

Map of the Nine Worlds
I apologize for the size of it, but it provides an excellent visual representation to augment some of the legends I will be posting soon.

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I thought of it while listening to Amon Amarth whose lyrics interweave the Norse legends.
(they are Vikings, after all)

This song is a nice compliment to Loke's Treachery and gives another 'view' of the same series of events, the central point of which is the killing of Balder by Loke with the mistletoe branch.

This translates into deception and evil killing truth and beauty, and is a pivotal point in the history of Asgaard and the lives of the Gods who reside there, as well as all Humanity over whom they watch.

Sorrow Throughout the Nine Worlds

Demons haunt my taunted mind
I'm scared
My death's foreseen un - gloryful
Please father!
Make my demons disappear
Please mother!
Death is everywhere!

My son, I've seen your fear
I have felt your pain
No harm will come to you
An oath has been sworn

The evil forces around us
Still want to destroy me
Who is the evil slayer
I cannot see

Loke, the deceitful God
Discovers the arrow of death

Pointed for h§èder (Hod) the blind
By the jealous Loke
The arrow cuts through the skin
And into the heart of the bright one!

Silence spreads throughout the hall of Aesir
As the God of light fells to his knees dying!

Sorrow throughout the nine worlds!
The bright God is gone!
Sent to Nifelheim by the deceitful!

RU Joe 02-22-2010 02:21 AM

Re: Map of the Nine Worlds
Here is another installment in the series of Norse legends; a prophecy which I have heard referred to many times but never seen until now.
I hope you will enjoy it.

Among the visions which the Norse Sibyl sees and describes in the weird prophecy known as
The Voluspa is one of the fatal mistletoe.

"I behold," says she, "Fate looming for Balder, Oden's son, the bloody victim.
There stands the Mistletoe slender and delicate, blooming high above the ground.
Out of this shoot, so slender to look on, there shall grow a harmful fateful shaft.
Hod shall shoot it, but Frigga in Fen-hall {?} shall weep over the woe of Valhall."

Yet looking far into the future the Sibyl sees a brighter vision of a new heaven and a new Earth , where the fields unsown shall yield their increase and all sorrows shall be healed; then Balder will come back to dwell in Oden's mansions of bliss, in a hall brighter than the sun, shingled with gold, where the righteous shall live in joy for ever more.

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