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Shnarf 05-25-2010 04:04 PM

The Bilderberg Group & The Rothchild Family Fortune
The bilderberg Group is an elite group of bankers who meet in secret every year, people think they rule the world? Do they?

The USA is reported to be in debt by $11.4 Trillon Dollars! The private family fortune of The Rothchild's is said to be worth $600 Trillon Dollars! Do the global elite rule the world?

RU Joe 06-10-2010 06:33 PM

Re: The Bilderberg Group & The Rothchild Family Fortune
First of all I would like to welcome you, Shnarf, to RU.

You are correct in thinking that there is an elite power structure at work behind the scenes, because there really is.
They have systematically and incrementally taken steps to economically enslave the Human race over the past 400 years in a multi - generational grand design.

So, how do I know this?
WELL, maybe I should start by pointing out that in a few months I will be 40, and so I've been around for a while now and have seen certain things which are indicators of the grand design I just mentioned = personal observation of World events, specifically things which make no sense.

One such thing that ANYONE can see is how no matter who we vote for, no matter how wonderful their campaign speech is or how good a candidate they seem to be, things are still going down the crapper.
HOW can that be, if our electoral process is serving its proposed purpose and bringing us the best possible leaders for our respective countries?
Either there's something wrong with the electoral process itself, or ...

And then there's how I got into all of this in a major way:
a friend of mine showed me the video documentary: In Plane Site {no misspelling}, and my heart was broken.
Everything I believed about being a North American, about how we are made out to be the Sherrifs of the World, bringing peace and justice to all, FELL.
In case you haven't seen it, I recently posted it in this thread:
Mosque at ground zero to open Sept. 11th, next year
along with some other great videos.

So then there's information resources which are quite obscure but still paint a facet of the whole elite agenda, like Pat Condell, whose site I linked to in the beginning of the 'Mosque' thread.
Pat is a Comedian living in London, England, and he has chronicled in his videos what he has aptly coined the 'Islamization' of Europe, and let me tell you it's scary stuff.
He is very well spoken and educated and knows what he's talking about, and an outspoken atheist who sees religion as the source of most of the World's problems.
Sometimes he gets a little heated up, but not nearly as much as Alex Jones.

Alex Jones is a syndicated radio talk show host in Austin, Texas, and has been reporting on government dirty tricks and secrets since before the Oklahoma City bombings of '93.
He is not as well spoken as Pat Condell, and he is a devout Christian {there is some praying once in a while}, but if you can make some leeway for that he is brilliant in his own right.
He predicted 9/11; not the specifics, but the event.
The only thing is {like me} he tends to get REALLY fired up about things:

[ame=""]YouTube - Waking Life ~ Alex Jones {HQ}[/ame]

He also has a free podcast of his radio show daily, which is sometimes hosted by Jason Bermas, who also worked on the video documentary: Loose Change

[ame=""]YouTube - 911 Loose Change (full-length)[/ame]

here's one of Alex Jones' sites, Prisonplanet:
Alex Jones' Prison
click on the link for Alex Jones' Radio Show, it's available free daily in multiple formats.

That enough for now?
Tell me if you want more, and please excuse me if you already know this stuff.

{edit} this is HOT: Alex Jones has just now been named an enemy of the State, and he said so on today's radio show.
Let's hope he doesn't get taken away.

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Sorry guys there is a minor error in the statement above where I said:

Alex Jones is a syndicated radio talk show host in Austin, Texas, and has been reporting on government dirty tricks and secrets since before the Oklahoma City bombings of '93.
Actually, Alex only came on air in '95, but it doesn't affect the wonderful job of reporting he did on this incident. {Oklahoma}

RU Joe 09-21-2010 08:16 PM

Re: The Bilderberg Group & The Rothchild Family Fortune

This is how the Global elites think of you.
NO, this is not a photoshopped picture, and Nancy Pelosi is being chased over this.
Listen to this clip where she says that the new National Health Care Bill must be passed first before the American People can learn what's in it.

I'm not even American and this makes me mad - this is complete circumvention of proper legal procedure so the elites can put this thing in place before people can find out what they've done.

[ame=]YouTube - Pelosi: we have to pass the health care bill so that you can find out what is in it[/ame]

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