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Retronauts Live Episode 46: Working Designs with Special Guest Victor Ireland

If you played Japanese RPGs in the 90s, the name "Victor Ireland" should ring a bell -- and if you had Internet access back then, you might have even exchanged words with the man himself. Vic's company, Working Designs, stood as one of the few publishers that enjoyed video games as much as their fanbase, and built up a real sense of camaraderie, reaching both role-playing and anime enthusiasts with their efforts. In the absence of Working Designs, other companies like Atlus and XSEED have filled the gap by delivering well-written (and funny) localizations, along with pack-in trinkets and soundtracks, but Victor's company set the standard in the '90s by showing that it could be done.

Last week, I sat down with Jeremy and Christian Nutt (of Gamasutra fame) to discuss the history of Working Designs with Vic, who's in town to discuss his ongoing Kickstarter for Class of Heroes 2 -- for more on that, please steer yourselves to the most recent episode of Games, Dammit. It's not all smiles and sunshine, though; due to some of the more controversial changes made to some of Working Design's games, Vic was a polarizing figure for most of his company's existence. Don't worry, though -- we managed to ask the tough questions, and tactfully enough to prevent any Bill O' Reilly-style storm-outs.

Download Episode 46 of Retronauts Live here!

Above: A sculpted Borgan head, for some reason.
And here's the live action Sailor Moon proof-of-concept we mentioned towards the end of the show (it starts at 1:23, and yes, this appears to be the best version of it online). Shockingly, this did not prevent Japan from actually following through on this idea.
If you haven't had enough Working Designs-related audio content, check out episode 86 of (non-Live) Retronauts, which tackles the entire Lunar series.

As always, If you'd like us to read your letter on the show and/or feature your envelope art on our blog, write to:

Retronauts c/o Bob Mackey
625 2nd Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107

Track Listing for Episode 46

13:23 - Hiro's Fight, Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete - Junichi Masuda
32:50 - The Wind that Shook the Earth, Alundra - Kohei Tanaka
40:23 - Main Theme, Dragon Force - Tatsuyuki Maeda
46:36 - Battle, Lunar: The Silver Star - Noriyuki Iwadare, Hiroshi Fujioka, Isao Mizoguchi, Yoshiaki Kubodera
58:40 - Opening, Arc the Lad - Masahiro Andoh
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