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Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!Tails has earned the ear of the admin. Watch yourself!
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CollecToons overview

Over the months CollecToons has gotten stuff from Sonic X, Kirby Right Back at ya, TMNT, Pokemon, Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, One Piece, Case Closed, Disgaea, Earthworm Jim, and right now cToon Smackdown is offering 2 battle points per win!

cToon Smackdown is a simple game much like Naruto-Arena was. Instead of all the mumbo jumbo attacks, you just use one click of a button and try to get 15 points before the other opponent, using your favorite released Digimon or Pokemon. When you win you gain experience points that will make it evolve into a new Digimon or Pokemon when the time is right. Starter Packs include a pokemon named Shinx, but you must have a Pokeball or Digivice to use each. Message Tails ingame to claim your free "Welcoming Starter Pack" that consists of, a pokeball, Digivice, Starter Digimon, and your choice of either, Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle! Remember one per person!

I'm sure some of you have played Cartoon Orbit or Neopets.. CollecToons takes the "good" ideas from them and along with new ideas our player base is satisfied and happy! Notable features are, Auctions, the Trade Board, Online AND Offline Trading, places to show off your ctoons called cWorlds. cworlds are a very fun feature too, Some ctoons like Arm Regenerating Piccolo have animation when played, while Flying Vegeta says "It's over 9000! Argh!" So really that in itself makes it very very fun to see what does that stuff.

Be sure to read the rules after you sign up, you need to be a mast on knowing what to do and not to do, our moderators are a great bunch who keeps the forums clean. Another good thing to look at is News and Updates to see what is happening at the site, maybe an auction only has released, you never know! Contact us is how you can contact the staff if you choose not to use the forum (The forum is HIGHLY recommended by everyone, it's so friendly, and you get free codes there!), however we encourage you to use the forum. We also have a voting booth so get to voting on what should be made in October! Fire Fox sometimes has problems with Voting so you might have to use IE for a second.

My account is a very important feature, not only you can see your information, you can see how many referrals you have, get your referral link, you can see your inventory, and last but not least, you can edit your cworld! The inbox is your main datawave to get important messages from the staff, contact your fellow CollecTooners, and even see what you offered on trades and see who offered on your trades, very useful! Be sure to check every Friday night for the CollecToons Fridays code, you don't want to miss the bonus toon!

The cworlds tab is basically where you can favorite cworlds, look at cworlds, vote for cworlds, and dare I say it... get to Premium members shops. More on this later.

Now Get cToons is probably going to be your favorite place, it's like the name says how you get your ctoons. The Shopping Plaza is where the 6 shops of CollecToons are, the Mall is located here as well. The mall is where all the Premium User shops are. Be sure to look in them for an awesome deal! The Trade Board is where you trade toons on, but watch out for low ballers! Ask before accepting on the forum. Auctions is where you can bid in real time auctions in hopes of winning the toons and gaining supreme domination and bragging rights. Just don't go overboard, Auction only's only appear here.

The gift exchange is our newest feature, by clicking on Scooby Doo in the Plaza you can buy gifts that you can redeem here. You never know what you might get, experiment! Future Releases show what's to come, it's like the main page before you log in but with more toons. The Plaque page shows who has what, be sure to grab DareDevils, our newest Plaque!

Get points is probably gonna be your next stop to go. Not only you can play in our arcade and gain points, you can win trophies for being in the top 3! The Lotto is a great way to make and lose points, are you man enough to try it out and hopefully Jack the Hitpot? cToon Smackdown is located here too, be sure to check the arcade fo the biweekly word games too! you can get people to join and get prizes too! Just give them your link and then when they sign up and verify you get a referral point, I have 81 actually hoping for 100!

The help guides are there to help, the best one there is the forums, while the Database helps you find info on ctoons you need. Faqs and Questions also can answer puzzling things you might need to know.

Now Premium... what is it? Well go here: Premium. Thanks to our moderator Taco you can clearly see what premium has to offer, so why wait get premium TODAY!

This is about it, and this is CollecToons be sure to use the Ref link I post, and have fun!


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