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The Top 21 Most Giant Monsters in Movie History!

You can have your little vampires, werewolves, zombies and mummies—when you're looking for wholesale destruction and unbridled terror, nothing serves it up quite like a massive irradiated monstrosity.

Oh, and aren't you glad I completely avoided saying, “Size matters”?

21. The Amazing Colossal Man

Decidedly less sexy than his female counterpart, the 50-foot Woman, Colossal Man nevertheless was deemed awesomely cheesy enough to be the brunt of one of Mystery Science Theater 3000's most memorable episodes.

20. Tarantula

Wanna know how dangerous this massive arachnid from the 1955 movie of the same name was? They actually had to call on Clint Eastwood to stop the thing. That's right, the future Dirty Harry plays a fighter pilot who makes an appearance at the end of this seminal monster movie.

19. Giant Octopus

San Francisco is the city of choice in Harryhausen's It Came from Beneath the Sea, and what comes from beneath the sea is this gigantic octopus, a beastie who threatens to tear down the Golden Gate Bridge if it isn't stopped. If only it had swung by Haight-Ashberry, this might have all been avoided…

18. Mighty Joe Young

Smaller and not as fierce as his cinematic cousin Kong, you still can't help but have a soft spot for Joe. After all, he does manage to win a tug of war with a bunch of wrestlers, and his theme song is Stephen Foster's “Beautiful Dreamer”, which shows a discerning musical taste.

17. The Ymir

Starting out very small in 20 Million Miles to Earth, this alien/reptilian Harryhausen creation gradually grows to mammoth proportions, threatening the Eternal City of Rome in the process. Proving to be the most cultured of movie monsters, he chooses the Collosseum as his target.

16. Cloverfield

Godzilla meets Blair Witch as this hardly seen amphibious terror emerges from New York Harbor and turns the city upside down. As we're made privy to the detailed doings of a gang of whiny twenty-somethings, we can't help but pray for a better look at the giant thing that's causing all the mayhem. And hope that it eats them all.

15. The 50-Foot Woman

So many possibilities here, and if you're a guy and you say they've never occurred to you, you're lying. Not only is she one of the most unforgettable giant “monsters”, she also has one of the most famous movie poster of all time.

14. The Balrog

First appearing in the pages of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, the Balrog of Khazad-dum was perhaps the one monster LOTR fans were most anxious to see translated to the screen—and Peter Jackson certainly didn't disappoint with his hellish interpretation of Morgoth's minion.

13. Rodan

Rounding out Toho's Holy Kaiju Trinity is everyone's favorite enormous irradiated pterodactyl. This dude is so huge that he can level skyscrapers just by flapping his wings, and also makes the coolest noise this side of Big G himself.

12. The Host

A kaiju flick for the 21st century, The Host is a tour-de-force of giant monster action, and the titular creature is a brilliant and terrifying reinvention of the classic archetype. Plus, he's also a giant fish with legs, which rules.

11. The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

Before Jurassic Park, even before Godzilla, there was this dinosaur run amok, one of Harryhausen's first giant monster creations. An ambitious son of a gun, he runs rampant through the Big Apple itself, making his last stand in Brooklyn's own Coney Island amusement park.

10. King Ghidorah

The three-headed arch-nemesis of Godzilla, this alien hydra spits lightning in every direction, destroying everything in its path. It also resembles the Chinese dragon, leading some to see it as Japan's criticism of its Communist neighbor. Nothing like a little political commentary in a giant monster flick!

9. Talos

My personal favorite Harryhausen creation, this giant bronze statue is cold-blooded murder in physical form, coming after Jason and his Argonauts with relentless fury. An ancient giant robot of sorts, he is undone when Jason “unplugs” him, pouring out the black, oil-like substance he seems to run on.

8. Gamera

The creation of Toho Studios' chief Japanese rival company Daiei, the beloved giant turtle became a national institution perhaps second only to Godzilla himself. The invincible Guardian of the Universe, Gamera is nothing short of a cult icon.

7. Cyclops

Perhaps the most instantly recognizable of all of Ray Harryhausen's creations, the giant Cyclops appears in The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, giving the fabled sailor a little more giant monster mayhem than he bargained for.

6. Mothra

Toho's second most famous monster, the world's biggest flying insect is actually a god, worshipped by a bunch of Pacific natives with spray-on tans and accompanied by his own tiny twin fairies who sing to him. Not a bad gig for a creature whose main weapon is silk.

5. The Blob

A gelatinous red mass of all-consuming alien gunk, the Blob gets larger the more it absorbs, until it threatens to swallow up an entire town. Fortunately, Steve McQueen is able to prove that even as a teenager, he was already a consummate badass.

4. The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man

From the dark recesses of the mind of Dr. Raymond Stantz came this titanic walking mountain of fluff. The corporeal embodiment of Gozer the Traveller, Sta-Puft wreaks havoc through mid-town Manhattan before getting roasted by the boys in gray.

3. The Kraken

It may look absolutely nothing like the traditional mythological representation of a Kraken (they're more like giant squid), but Harryhausen's beloved brainchild remains 1,000 tons of awesome in a 500-ton bag.

2. Godzilla

They don't call the big guy “King of the Monsters” for nothing. Four hundred feet tall. Breathes nuclear fire. Star of about 749 movies. He's battled everyone from Baragon to Bambi, and has perhaps the most rabid fan base of any monster on the planet.

And the number-one most kick-ass giant monster in movie history…(naturally)…

1. King Kong

All due respect to the rest, but there is only one true King Kong. No matter what Peter Jackson has to say about it. The first, and still the most memorable giant movie monster, the Eighth Wonder of the World is awesome incarnate. Brought to life by the legendary Willis O'Brien, Kong is the last word in massive movie behemoths. Plus, he has excellent taste in chicks, even if there's not much he can do with them.

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