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dark movies

Do you understand this supposed trend of "dark, edgy" movies lately? I don't.

Firstly I question what this trend actually is. Supposedly in film'dark' means that the characters are morally grey and the plot is philosophical. What does that have to do with darkness, which is just the absence of light?

Actually, that's not my real point, but just pointless examination. The real point is that many believe that dark is realistic, but it isn't always. In reality, people, even those who are motivated by ideologies, don't stand around and philosophize about what they do. They just do it. Plus, talking and conversing about subjects during a film isn't always an effective storytelling method. More show and less tell is what a film is all about. I completely agree that many films are far from accurate, and I like to see correctness and social relevancy in films, but endless moralizations aren't the way to go.

Also, a really morally grey character wouldn't always question what he/she does. That's what surrounding characters are for.

Finally, I notice that some films which intend that they be dark and gritty really aren't. I saw "The Amazing Spider-Man" and was not impressed or entertained. What annoyed me most, though, was that, according to some persons, it was a 'dark reboot,' yet I saw not a single way that it was more morally conflicted or socially philosophical in it. It just annoyed me because I saw a better version about a decade prior.
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