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  1. ARedLetterDay
    11-12-2018 09:36 PM - permalink
    I have! I've toiled around with publishing a few smaller pieces before bothering to work on the bigger ideas kicking around in my head - stuff like flash fiction or short stories. Just so I feel more confident with any potential feedback I might get, and the like!

    A mixture of both! Right now I'm trying to focus on the consoles I own just so I can make a dent in that backlog, but every so often I come on here or sites like Kongregate and fart around for a while. It's a nice feeling - brings me back to my beginnings on this site when I had more motivation to try and compete for scores.

    Lately, though, I've been wanting to try and get better at the big name arcade games in terms of scoring wise - Donkey Kong and various SHMUPs. I need some sort of competitiveness in my life, haha.
  2. ARedLetterDay
    11-10-2018 03:11 AM - permalink
    Oh, very nice! I'm working on a novel myself -- well, a novel contained in several separate stories that all build into a larger universe. Think Asimov's Foundation or King's Dark Tower. Also procrastination, basically, but otherwise I'm trying!

    Oh yeah. Sad to say it's mostly what I do - though lately I'm working on my enormous backlog. Currently going through my numerous PS1 jRPG list. Grandia's up on the plate right now.
  3. ARedLetterDay
    11-08-2018 03:40 AM - permalink
    It's been going! Lots of ups and downs - mostly downs - but things are starting to look back up very slowly but surely. Growing a lot, maturing. The usual. What about you, my friend? It's been a long, long while!
  4. agnostic79
    09-25-2018 10:53 AM - permalink
    Actually she just likes playing 2 player games with me. She's not really into video games that much besides animal jam and roblox. I can't believe an entire generation later, games actually got worse and look worse lol. As for myself, I rarely play much anymore. I don't have the time or the inclination to compete for high scores anymore. If I do play at all, it's just to reminisce about my childhood. I'm sure if you or I had the time we could make a legitimate run at #1 high scores. Maybe when my kids throw me in a retirement home I'll take it up again lol. Glad to see all is well you with bud. Have you heard from Jojo?
  5. Tails
    09-21-2018 03:55 AM - permalink
    Yeah dude the gyros are amazing way better than the Wii u. Can pair extra controllers (I kinda have all 3 pro controllers and 3 sets of joy cons ) and just do table top mode!

    My job is great. My manager who I mentioned actually let me off early last week to watch the Bengals beat the Ravens, and I'm planning on bringing my switch to work to play him in tecmo bowl.

    Yeah I love clearing games. I have 100% odyssey and rabbids. Both great games.
  6. Tails
    09-15-2018 01:50 AM - permalink
    Yeah went over the limit xD
  7. Tails
    09-15-2018 01:50 AM - permalink
    Other than that you'd have to go back to the SNES for me to rave over a console from nintendo (loved the gamecube but there wasn't that many games!). Also with the announcement of Nintendo online having 2 player nes games online is also a nice seller! Nintendo is really pumping out quality content lately too. Botw, mario, smash.. i kinda have nearly 30 games for it. XD

    While I'm not a huge fan of crushing boxes, it's a huge step up with what I'm used to. My 3rd shift manager reminds me so much of the manager I had at Walgreens who helped me so much into becoming what I am today and the people there are nice (though on finding out assholes are there too). Basically I work Monday Tuesday and Wednesday and a half day Thursday for my week. I get the same paycheck I got at McDonalds but instead of biweekly its weekly so I'm getting double what I did before.
  8. Tails
    09-15-2018 01:50 AM - permalink
    I haven't been to Florida since 2006? I wanna say for a cruise. I'm in Wisconsin now instead of Ohio!

    I'm so happy for you, it's nice to see your true love was right there all along!

    Awesome about the tattoo, I have given up competition type stuff ever since I made that comment about dudebro sucking. It wasn't nice and it was a wake up call that I get too worked up over shit.

    The switch most of all has the perfect recipe of gimmick vs gaming. I'm a portable gamer as family would get angry if I used a TV so having it handheld helps a ton. It's basically turned me into a nintendo fanboy again and I can't say i felt this way about a system since the Wii at first before the gimmick were out.
  9. agnostic79
    09-10-2018 02:54 PM - permalink
    Hey bud! what's going on? Just playing some game with my daughter. How is everything?
  10. Tails
    09-03-2018 09:02 PM - permalink
    Hey, sorry for the long time to reply! I miss you.

    You're getting married? Is it to that one girl you used to tell me about?

    Yeah, I bought a Switch on release, and never looked back! System is probably Nintendo's best ever, and just needs more memorable games like NES/SNES to surpass them. I also got a PS4 Pro (for $151 brand new I might add!) and a PS Aqua Blue Vita, barely used so I'm getting into that stuff now.

    For what I've been up to is, I finally got a new job! I love it. It's in a warehouse and I get pretty much double of what I used to.

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