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    Wonder Boy 2: Wonder Boy In Monster land High Scores
Description Bikkuriman World is an action/adventure game by Hudson Soft. The game is known in the west as Wonder Boy in Monsterland and is supposed to be the second episode of the Wonder Boy series. However, Hudson Soft slightly modified the original game and made it fit their Bikkuriman World franchise (read the info section). The player takes control of a young warrior on a journey to rescue his beloved girlfriend. One of the key element of the original game was to offer a clever mix of platform/action and Role Playing elements. At its core, Bikkuriman World is a side scrolling action game featuring a vitality bar that automatically decreases unless our hero eats fruits and vegetables. Our hero starts his journey with his underwear and his first task is to find a short sword (interestingly called 'Gradius') and a tiny shield. Not the best weapon to bash with, but enough to take down the small snakes and mushrooms wandering around the first area. Defeated enemies often drop coins that can later be used in shops to purchase new equipment. A handy magic potion can be picked up and used to refill the precious health bar but only one can be carried at the same time. Our warrior can also use magic spells and throw tornadoes, lightings and fireballs at his enemies. The game counts numerous areas with small villages, dungeons, caves and mean bosses waiting at the end of each one of them.
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Seahawk is the champion of
Wonder Boy 2: Wonder Boy In Monster land
Highscore: 741,420
# Username Score Comment Time
1 Seahawk 741,420 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video. + Cleared!

08-14-12 9:32
2 stevie78 285,340

04-13-17 15:33
3 stevie78 241,790

03-11-17 8:31
4 stevie78 145,740

06-10-15 15:39
5 stevie78 144,920

11-14-15 8:38
6 elrod21 109,870

01-15-11 4:10
7 SirDragoon 59,800

05-09-09 16:09
8 joshofsilence 26,720

09-11-08 19:43
9 Icculus570 25,380

09-05-08 13:12
10 Jack Bando 13,900

03-28-12 22:20
11 joshofsilence 13,520

03-29-08 4:45
12 joshofsilence 10,940

03-29-08 2:32
13 eblemmon 1,000

01-12-13 2:19
Gold Star Seahawk Cleared! Speedrun: 00:33:16 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
08-14-12 9:32

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