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    Tower of Druaga High Scores
Description The player assumes the role of the hero Gilgamesh, whose goal is to rescue the maiden Ki (カイ) from the demon Druaga. To do this, he must traverse through 60 floors of an immense tower. Gilgamesh comes equipped with a sword, which he can use to defeat monsters, and a shield, which can be used to block magical attacks. The monsters get progressively more difficult as the game progresses, beginning with simple slimes and culminating with Druaga himself. Each floor consists of a maze filled with monsters, and a randomly placed locked door leading to the next level. The player must navigate through the maze to find a randomly placed key that unlocks the door. In addition, each floor contains a hidden treasure, which appears once the player has performed a specific requirement. The player's starting position is also randomly determined; however, the hidden treasure always appears in the same position the player starts from when revealed. The mazes themselves are not random, but there are various predetermined patterns. Some of the treasures are merely helpful items, some are detrimental, and some are essential to completing the game including the Blue Crystal Rod, the game's most important item; without it, Druaga will not appear and the player will be forced to return to an earlier floor.
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starcrytas is the champion of
Tower of Druaga
Highscore: 213,840
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1 starcrytas 213,840 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.

09-29-17 18:39
2 FudgyDRS 172,290 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.

06-27-13 15:35
3 Ashums 95,930
05-18-08 15:10
4 Tenser 87,620

11-18-10 20:22
5 tehlvler 68,340

05-04-08 15:40
6 powerman7t 51,090
those wizards are cheap!
03-22-07 17:14
7 RevJ 50,490

06-27-13 6:32
8 CaptonRon 35,160

05-09-09 20:10
9 para 10,510

01-30-07 0:22

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