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    Jackal High Scores
Description The enemy army has captured too many of your forces. Being held in P.O.W. camps, these soldiers are effectively out of the war... unless some kind of rescue operation can be mounted. Heavy Forces are too slow and visible to be of any use, but perhaps something smaller and lighter may make it in where larger forces would fail. A small jeep, maybe two, crewed by about 4 people.... minimal enough not to represent too much of a loss and yet suitable enough to aid in rescue. But of course, if these brave men want to succeed AND come back alive; they'll need to fight like animals... they'll need to fight like jackals...

Jackal is an overhead view jeep game for up to 2 players. The controller moves in four directions, button A fires your gernades (upgradable to bazooka) and button B your machine gun which ALWAYS fires to the top of the screen. Your mission is to locate facilities where soldiers are being held prisoner, rescue as many as possible, and escort them to a safe landing zone where they will be air transported away. After that, you'll need to fight a boss battle against the enemy to progress.
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Top Scores
AxlRose is the champion of
Highscore: 1,598,880
# Username Score Comment Time
1 AxlRose 1,598,880 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
New Record: 1,598,880.
03-10-17 19:09
2 AlexGunslinger 1,357,740 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video. + Cleared!
It's actually 1,357,740 score resets at 1mill
02-15-13 14:59
3 fogelmir 906,340
I'm so sick of this game now!
10-26-09 2:16
4 Hobbes 510,340
03-28-07 17:31
5 SonicVinny 364,230

03-26-09 10:40
6 Kenny02021983 340,840
03-27-07 17:35
7 Teddy Loc 119,050

11-11-14 17:23
8 Jack Bando 117,200

04-11-12 18:36
9 tanc24 75,700

01-12-07 12:39
10 stevie78 7,900

12-15-16 6:35
11 Kong 5,500

06-30-07 7:56
12 boblitpraful 2,500

01-09-07 14:05
Gold Star pat33999 Cleared! Speedrun: 00:13:20
07-31-14 1:32
Gold Star SMASH Cleared! Speedrun: 00:37:12
Finished 02-16-12 5:46
Gold Star Dumple Cleared! Speedrun: 00:41:57 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
11-22-15 20:53
Gold Star AlexGunslinger Cleared! Speedrun: 01:31:39 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
It's actually 1,357,740 score resets at 1mill 02-15-13 14:59

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