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Inindo: Way of the Ninja » Super Nintendo Select Play Mode
AKA: Super Inindou Datou Nobunaga
Keywords: Rpg

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arcadeOX Full Mode » recommended! (fastest and most features)
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Java Full Mode » (Battery RAM Backup)
Java Lite Mode » Not supported in this game.
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The Object of Inindo: Way of the Ninja
Several hazardous dungeons stand in the path of victory, as well as a selection of optional dungeons which can be played in any order the player chooses. Encounters with monsters and outlaws occur randomly in dungeons and in the game's world map, during which the player characters and NPCs can move around the battlefield in turn-based fashion to attack, cast magic spells and use items.

To complete the game, the player must recruit NPCs in order to successfully survive dungeons and large scale battles. In order to recruit other characters, the player must build up a certain degree of trust by talking with them at Tea Houses and Inns. Not every character can be recruited: characters of rival clans will not join the player.
The Keys
A Button bring up main command window, date and character data, answer yes to yes or no questions, finalize a command
B Button cancel selections, exit shop
L Button adjust movement speed with two settings
R Button super quick movement on map
Control Pad move, select items and commands

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