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Double Dragon » Sega Select Play Mode
Keywords: Beatemup, Action
Series: Double Dragon

Rating: 2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes

Score to Beat: stevie78: 100,910
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The Keys
To Put Enemies In A Headlock
Anyone, but Abobo, can be put into a headlock. Knock the enemy down three times, when he gets up, run up to him, so that you are touching him. Then run back and forth in front of him, and you will automatically put him in a headlock.

Roundhouse Kick
Press Button 1 repeatedly.

Uppercut Punch
Press Button 2 repeatedly.

Head Knee Smash
After you have placed an enemy in a headlock, press button 1.

Shoulder Throw
After you have placed an enemy in a headlock, press button 2.

Leaping Reverse Kick
Press buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously.

Jump Kick
Press buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously, while holding the Directional Pad either left or right.

Elbow Smash
Press button 2, while holding the Directional Pad in the opposite direction that you are facing.

Head Butt
Push the Directional Pad left or right twice.

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