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Donkey Kong » Coin Op Select Play Mode
Keywords: Platform, Action
Series: Donkey Kong, Mario

Rating: 18 Votes18 Votes18 Votes18 Votes18 Votes

Score to Beat: serphintizer: 1,112,800
World Record: Robbie Lakeman: 1,230,100
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The Keys
Jumpman is controlled with a the joystick and Button 1 jumps. He must be jump over and avoid rolling barrels thrown by Kong; jumping over fireballs and cement tubs and avoiding bouncing rivets as he traverses the levels; moving along girders and conveyor belts and utilizing ladders and elevators. For additional points, Jumpman can collect umbrellas, hats, purses and other bonus items that the girl has dropped on her way to the top of the building. The player can also grab a hammer (by jumping up to it) to smash barrels, fireballs, and cement tubs which earns the player additional bonus points. The hammer can only be used for a limited amount of time, however.

On the Girder, Elevator and Conveyor Belt levels, whenever Jumpman reaches Pauline, Donkey Kong will grab her and carry her off to the next higher level. But on the Rivet level, Jumpman must remove all the rivets on each and every floor by running or jumping over them. After all the rivets are removed, Donkey Kong will fall head first onto a stack of girders and be knocked out and then Jumpman and Pauline will be together again for good. The game then starts over again with an increased difficulty level.

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