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  1. General Rules
  2. Game Rules
  3. Forum Rules
  4. Tech Support
  5. How to Play With a Game Pad
  6. Why Register?
  7. General Forum Usage
  8. User Profile Features
  9. Reading and Posting Messages

General Rules
  1. Do not attempt to enforce these rules yourself. If you find someone has broken a rule, then inform an administrator and they will take care of it.
  2. Never give your password out to another person, for your protection and for validity reasons. We also HIGHLY recommend you use a complex and unique password for your account, to prevent account theft.
  3. Use common sense. Be a positive force in our community. If you do not like these rules then perhaps you should look for another web site.

Game Rules
These rules are just for competitions: submitting scores, clearing and contests. If you are NOT submitting a score or game clear then you do NOT need to follow these rules.

To keep the high scores fun and competitive we do not allow any cheating at all. We are very strict.

Most of these rules are common sense. If you play fair and ask questions when something is not clear then you should have no problems. Feel free to ask as many questions as you need to understand these rules.

If you make an innocent mistake you will receive a warning and your score will be deleted. If you intentionally cheat or receive multiple warnings then you may be banned and all of your scores deleted.

Next to each score will either be the text "Verified" or a "Request Verification" link. Verified means we have thoroughly checked the score for cheats or rule breaking and found none and confirm the score is legit. Request Verification means we have not thoroughly checked the score yet. If you click it then that score will be sent to a mod to inspect. The score will then either be verified or deleted.

1. How to submit scores.
  1. You must be registered and logged in.
  2. You must have ArcadeOX installed. If you are having trouble check our our support section .
  3. The game must support high scores. If a game is not high score enabled and you feel that it should be, please post a request for high score enabling (include a link to the game.)
  4. You must select ArcadeOX Score mode. Full Mode and Java Mode will not allow you to submit a score.
  5. Press the F12 key on your keyboard to submit your score. A pop up will ask if you are sure you wish to submit this screen as your score. Either select yes or no. If your score is not clearly visible on the screen you submit then it will not count. Your game will end when you submit.
  6. A video of your gameplay will be sent to a moderator. The mod will watch it and either approve or delete your score. This process takes about 24 hours on average.
  7. Gameplay videos are the sole property of Retro Uprising. By submitting you are waiving any copyrights you may have had from such videos.
2. High score submission rules.
  1. If you need to start over then you must press F5 or click the "ArcadeOX Score Mode" link again. You can not start the game, get a game over and keep playing then submit. Resetting at any point of the game even if you don't get a game over is also unacceptable. That inflates your game play movie which annoys the mod who has to watch it.
  2. Do NOT press "Start" to pause or stand around doing nothing for long periods of time, this includes letting the demo play. That inflates your game play movie. If you need to pause press "P" which also pauses the movie.
  3. Do NOT use pause ("P") to boost your score. You may occasionally pause in typical games but do NOT pause in a game that has puzzles (Example Where's Waldo and Tetris) or trivia questions (Example Jeopardy) or is an endurance test (Example Asteroids marathons). In addition to "P" the following also pause the game: Resizing or moving the game window, pressing F12 and then canceling instead of submitting your score, pressing escape before you submit your score. Be careful as all of those are counted the same as pausing and are not allowed in timed puzzle and trivia games where pausing would give you an unfair advantage.
  4. Maintain an average of at least 95% FPS (Frames Per Second). You can press F11 during the game to view your FPS. If your computer is not fast enough to play full speed then your score will not count. Some games require faster computers than other games.
  5. Do NOT adjust any default settings. This includes settings such as number of lives, continues, time limits, and decreasing difficulty. However, you may INCREASE default difficulty and change button layouts.
  6. Do NOT enter any codes or passwords. Example, the Contra 30 man code is cheating. For simplicities sake all codes, even cosmetic codes that don't make the game easier and codes that make the game harder, are forbidden.
  7. Your score will not count if you use continues. You may use up to 5 continues in console games and still receive credit for clearing the game but then your score will not count.
  8. Always play as player 1 only. This to prevent cheating in games like Double Dragon that allow you to kill player 2 for extra points and to prevent confusion in sports and board games. We will typically make exceptions for games that have different characters for each player, example: TMNT, Simpsons, and X-Men.
  9. Do NOT abuse extra lives or extra continues. Anything that allows you to start an infinite or near infinite point loop or rewards you for playing badly is not accepted. If a game gives you an extra life every time you play a level, you may collect that extra life but you should only use it once. If you collect the same extra life multiple times then you would have lives remaining when you submit your score.
  10. Do NOT Farm, Grind or Leech. Do NOT repeatedly kill the same respawning enemies or repeatedly collect the same respawning treasure without naturally progressing through the game. If the game has a limit such as a timer that would prevent you from doing this for very long then you may break this rule.
  11. Do NOT submit a Default or Demo Score. Obviously any score you submit must be your own.
  12. You MAY use controllers. If you plug them in before you load  the game then they should be autodetected and configured.
  13. Do NOT use controllers with Turbo Fire, Auto Fire or Slow Mo buttons.
  14. You MAY change the default controls. Press Tab Key for config menu.
  15. You MAY use Fast Forwarding. Hold the END key to speed up the game.
  16. You are allowed to use any glitches that were included in the original game. By glitches we mean bugs that the programmers left in the original game such as walking through walls. There may be exceptions in a few games if there is an extreme glitch.
  17. You are allowed to use warps. Example pipes in Super Mario Bros.
  18. If a game supports SRAM, also called Battery Saves, Cart Saves or In-Game Saves, (example most RPGs such as Zelda) then you may use them. This is different than Save States. To create a Cart Save you must first use the game's original built in save feature and then close the game by pressing Escape followed Enter. To load the game just start it normally and then use the original game's built in continue feature. This rule is primarily to allow clearing of long RPGs. We will be less strict with the above rules in games that have SRAM enabled. If you have questions about a specific game, feel free to ask.
3. Additional score information.
  1. In most sports games your score is the spread. Example if you score 21 and the computer scores 14, then your final score is 21-14=7. If your score is zero or negative then it will be deleted. In games where your score is determined by the spread then you must complete the entire game before submitting.
  2. Multi-game carts share a single score board for all games on the cart. This only affects a few games such as Action 52, Quatro, and California Games.
  3. In the event of a tie, the trophy goes to the person that has the fastest time.
  4. Please ask questions if you need any clarification on these rules. Not understanding the rules is not an acceptable excuse for not following them.

4. What is a game clear.
  1. Game clearing is our method of tracking games you have beat. Typically this means beating the final boss, flipping the score or levels, completing a full loop of the game, or reaching a kill screen.
  2. In Coin-Op Arcade games this is called 1CC (One Credit Clear) in console games it sometimes called 5CC as you are allowed up to 5 continues.
5. How to submit a game clear.
  1. You must follow all high score rules above.
  2. Check if there are any special requirements needed for the individual game before making the attempt. You may ask about specific games or requirements here.
  3. You must complete the entire game from start to finish on default or harder settings.
  4. If a game loops, you only need to complete the first loop. That means short loop games such as Donkey Kong will be very quick and easy to beat.
  5. If a game has no ending then flipping the score or level counter or reaching a kill screen will count as clearing the game.
  6. If the original game cartridge featured battery saves you can request "SRAM to be enabled" if it is not already. Typical examples of games that used battery saves are The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.
  7. If a game provides continues, you may use up to 5. If you use continues your submission will not count as a score, only as clearing.You may NOT increase the number of continues offered via an options screen or code.
  8. Submiting a game clear is done the same way as submitting a score. Press F12 when you are on a screen that shows you beat the game.
  9. After you submit your clearing you are encouraged to post here. If you do not then a  game mods might mistakenly assume your submission is just a score and not give you credit for clearing it.
  10. If the game has one screen that both shows your score and that you have beat the game then you may submit on that screen and get credit for both at the same time.
6. What are contests
  1. Contests are video game related competitions hosted on Retro Uprising. There are generally three types of contests hosted; Challenge Cups, Team Contests, and long running contests.
  2. Challenge Cups are one-shot contests that are done at random intervals. These usually focus on achieving some difficult goal in one specific game and often award badges or prizes for doing so.
  3. Team Contests are team based contests that are done around every four to 6 months. These are usually long running, high stress contests that you must be a member of an official team to participate in. Team contests always award badges.
  4. Long Running contests go on with no set specific ending date. There is usually always one or two of these running at one time. These contests usually award badges but often the ownership of the badge is temporary.

Forum Rules
  1. Use a spell checker and do not use "13375p34k" or "hukt on fonikz". We do not expect you to type like an English professor but we will not tolerate bad netiquette. If you type "u" instead of "you" or "ne1" instead of "anyone" then your post will be deleted. Firefox comes with a spellchecker built in.
  2. Do not use all caps or excessive smilies or multiple exclamation marks.
  3. No "Flaming" or "Trolling". Do not post any message that harasses, insults, belittles or threatens other members.

    "Trash Talking" is acceptable as long as it is done in good spirit and in the appropriate areas. Examples. If you beat someone's high score you may brag about how good you are. You may say someone's favorite sports team sucks. You may NOT say "You suck."

    If someone trash talks you, do not hold a grudge or start a fight. Be the bigger person. If you fight on the forums you will be held responsible even if you did not start it.
  4. Do not post obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, threatening, racist, sexist or discriminatory messages. If posting links, images or quotes that may be offensive then put them in NSFW tags.
  5. No "Spamming". Do not post for the sake of increasing your post count.

    If it appears that you signed up for an account just to advertise another site or to take advantage of our members in some way then you will be banned and your IP will be blocked.

    Do not post money making schemes, such as free ipod sign ups.

    Do not post chain letters.

    Posts with off-site links are deleted unless you are an active forum member.
  6. Do not create multiple accounts. We don't want to listen to you talk to yourself.
  7. Wait at least 48 hours before "Bumping".
  8. Stay on topic. If you want to change the topic of a conversation then start a new thread or find an existing thread that is a better fit.
Please note that with each access to Retro Uprising your IP address is recorded and will be used in the event that you need to be banned from this forum or an abuse report needs to filled with your ISP. This will only happen if there is a major violation of this agreement. The first step is normally just a warning and a reminder of the rules.

Happy gaming!

Tech Support
Read this before asking for support.
Helpful support topics.

How to Play With a Game Pad
ArcadeOX Score Mode will automatically detect and configure your controller if it is plugged in before you load the game. To change the default settings press Tab in the game to bring up the menu.

ArcadeOX Full Mode will also automatically detect your controller if it is plugged in before you load the game but you will have to use the menu to configure it before it will work.

Java Modes will not automatically detect your contoller unless your controller is capable of simulating keyboard input. For Java we reccomend this xpadder tutorial.

Recommended controllers.
Retrozone - Real retro Nintendo and Sega game pads for your PC.
XBOX 360 - Plugs into a PC too. This is a great controller.
Act Labs - Not the best controller but it is decent and cheap and can simulate keyboard input making it perfect for Java and some Flash games.
X-Arcade - Arcade style. Fairly expensive but nothing beats having arcade quality sticks. Also can simulate keyboard inputs making it great for Java Mode too.

Why register?
Registration is NOT required to play.

Registration is free and allows you to do the following:

  • Post high scores
  • Submit Game Masteries
  • Save/load game states
  • Enter contests
  • Add games to your favorites
  • Post in forums
  • Receive email notification of replies to posts and threads you specify
  • Set up a 'buddy-list' to quickly see which of your friends are currently online
  • Receive notification when new games and systems are added or when your scores are beaten

Registration is required for these features because we need to know whose name to associate with the data.

We will NEVER send you spam or sell your email address. We hate spam as much as you do.

If you do not log in at least once every 2 years then your account along with your scores and save states might be deleted.

General Forum Usage

User Profile Features

Reading and Posting Messages

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