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Marp t15

The MAME Action Replay Page (MARP) is having its annual tournament, now MARP T15. For more details, head over to MARP

Post by tournament host giro-X:

Length / dates of the tournament

The length of the tournament, as chosen with a poll, is of six weeks.
STARTS: Sunday 18th September 2016 (GMT 00:00:00)
ENDS: Saturday 22nd October 2016 (GMT 23:59:59)
All times in GMT refer to: The World Clock — Worldwide . As it should be a period where the Daylight Savings Time change occurs, please check the world clock when in doubt. Also, a countdown timer to next event in the tournament will be always available in my posts signature.
The coordinator has the right to extend the deadline(s) for bad server reasons.

Game selection

As chosen with your votes in the poll, this tournament will have 6 games to play.

From August 15 to 28 you can vote a bunch of games. In the days between voting and tournament start, we have discussion time.
In September 17, I will (probably record myself doing stuff, since I can't stream, and) pick 5 games from 5 different genres from your votes, and decide by myself at the very last moment the 6th game.

The selection of 5 games will be performed with a random extraction between the games voted by participants.
From 00:00 GMT of 2016, Aug. 15th to 23:59 GMT of Aug. 28th, MARPers will be given the opportunity to vote for the games they'd like to see in the tournament. On Aug. 15th a thread will be opened by me in MARP to gather all of the votes.
Each participant can pick up to three games. Each game has an equal voting power. ( ==> two or more votes from two different users for the same game will count as one)
After the voting period, the voted games will be gathered into genres (maze, puzzle, sport, etc.) and the time left to the beginning of the tournament will be of use to discuss whether the games should be catalogued under a genre rather than another, which shouldn't be in a tournament, and so on.
On Sep. 17th, I will randomly extract (and possibly, by showing you the process) five different genres, and then randomly extract a game from each genre.
By this way, it is impossible that two similar games could be extracted for the same tournament.
More details on games allowed for votes will be given with the opening of the thread.

The sixth game will be chosen by the tournament coordinator (so, by me) on the same day of the random extraction of previous 5 games.
It will be decided at the very last minute, after first 5 games have been picked, following these criteria:
-has to be a different genre from the other 5 games
-has not to be a game that has been voted by players
-has to follow the same criteria of selection for other games (in other words, if we ask you to not pick a game played in previous tournaments, I won't also pick a game of previous tournaments. And so on.)
-has to be from a manufacturer / software house not showing up in the other 5 games
-(optional) has to have a year of release not showing up in the other 5 games
As I usual want to repeat and underline, nobody ever ever will have a tiny hope to discover in advance what I could think of; it will be a genuine, patient self-choice, based on instantaneous random results.

Game settings

All games are intended to be played with default MAME settings. If MARP has special rules for the designed game (ex. max 5 lives to use), they will be adopted.
All BIOS (like for NeoGeo MVS) will also be default MAME settings.
The specific parent/clone ROM to use is a detail you can choose when voting the games.
If the chosen titles and settings could lead to a general marathon ( ==> a game that can be played by several players for more than three hours and has no concrete ending), we may opt for a Time Attack, or a limit of loops/time allowed, in which to try to get the highest amount of points.

Version of WolfMAME used

WolfMAME 0.177 (to be released in the month) ONLY will be allowed. In case of serious troubles in maintaining the recording speed to an average of 95~100% from one or several participants, it will be allowed to use a prior WolfMAME; which version to allow, that will be decided at the moment.
(Please keep already in mind by yourselves this aspect when voting for games. If you know a game may run slowly on older computers, don't nominate it.)

Other rules

Obvious rules are obvious. And so,
-techniques banned from MARP are also banned in this tournament.
-INPs sent that will include use of macros, multiple buttons for the same action, autofire, 2 players cooperation, altered speed, will be not considered. To be precise about recording speed, it must be included between 95% and 100~101%.
-The score you claim must be done on the first credit of your recording. Failure to do so will result in your score being changed to what it was for the first credit.
-To encourage good sportsmanship, no recording can be uploaded 24 hours after you started to record it. If these periods are violated, then that person's score for that game will be changed to zero.
-Recordings have to be submitted at MARP main site, including the string "T15" in the comment, or here in the forum in the appropriated thread, if you want to conserve an old recording of yours.


For each game, the player with best score gets 100 tour. points, always. All the following scores are calculated in proportion to the best score, like a percentage, rounded down to the nearest integer.
For example, the best score in Game 1 among all players is 45.000 points (100 tournament points). A score of 32.800 points in the same game would be 72,8% the best score, and so it's worth 72 tour. points. (Not 73, because we are rounding down)
Additionally, to encourage players with knowledge of games to play fair and show off soon all their strategies, a bonus can be earned depending on when you submit your score. (These values are still preliminary and can be discussed and changed before we start playing. We can also discuss about a malus for sudden high scores coming from nowhere at the end of tournament, for example.)
If, at the end of the tournament, your score for a game has been submitted:
-on the 1st week, you earn a 24% bonus for the tour. points of that game;
-on the 2nd week, you earn a 16% bonus for the tour. points of that game;
-on the 3rd week, you earn a 8% bonus for the tour. points of that game;
-on the 4th, 5th or 6th week, you earn no bonus.
Scores after these percentages are not rounded again, so (example) a score of 66 TP getting a 16% bonus will become a score of 76.56 TP.
As you can understand, the bonus is applied only if the score survives from that far and you never update it with a better one.
A tournament is won when at the end of the tournament by the player with highest total of tour. points. If there is any tie in the leaderboard, tie will be declared.

A Google spreadsheet with current rankings for each game and the whole tournament, will be made available for viewing.

---------- Post added at 09:55 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:54 PM ----------

Games will be selected from the following nominations:

Group 1 - Driving
1) raveracj - Rave Racer (Rev. RV1 Ver.B, Japan) [currently removed for possible slow emulation speed]
> requested mode: Time Trial
2) ridgera2 - Ridge Racer 2 (Rev. RRS2, World) [currently removed for possible slow emulation speed]
> requested mode: Time Trial
3) shangon - Super Hang-On (sitdown/upright) (unprotected)
> requested mode: Junior course

Group 2 - Platform
1) bublcave - Bubble Bobble: Lost Cave V1.2
2) elvactr - Elevator Action Returns (Ver 2.2O 1995/02/20)
3) joust2 - Joust 2 - Survival of the Fittest (revision 2)
4) moomesa - Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa (ver EAB)
5) ssridersjad - Sunset Riders (4 Players ver JAD)
6) wboy2 - Wonder Boy (set 2, 315-517

Group 3 - Figther (2D, 2.5D, 3D)
1) kuniokunb - Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-kun (Japan bootleg)
2) vendettaz - Vendetta (Asia, 4 Players, ver. Z)

Group 4 - Sports
1) pspikes2 - Power Spikes II (NGM-06

Group 5 - Maze
1) bombrman - Bomber Man (Japan)
2) lrescue - Lunar Rescue
3) mustache - Mustache Boy
4) paperboy - Paperboy (rev 3)
5) xybots - Xybots (rev 2)

Group 6 - Shooter
1) carnival - Carnival (upright)
2) magmax - Mag Max
3) makyosen - Makyou Senshi (Japan)
4) phoenixa - Phoenix (Centuri, set 1)
5) sexyparo - Sexy Parodius (ver JAA)
6) tempest - Tempest (rev 3, Revised Hardware)

Group 7 - Puzzle
1) sqix - Super Qix (World, Rev 2)

Group 8 - Multiple mini games
1) bcstry - B.C. Story (set 1)

Other notes:
Dax expressed a generic "Sexy Parodius" nomination, while there are two versions of it. I took the parent (JAA). No big difference, I guess.
Same goes for Phoenix, there is Centuri set 1 and Centuri set 2, I took set 1.
Same goes for Joust 2, there are two revisions, I took the parent (rev 2).
Despite being nominated twice, as it usually goes and as reminded in rules post of main thread, Tempest will have one chance like any other game to be picked.

Dates reminder:
September 17 - extraction of games
September 18 - tournament starts
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