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Super Gem Fighter - November 2012
Published by Tails
Super Gem Fighter - November 2012

Clear Super Gem Fighter Coin Op for 42 Game Club Points.

Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix, released in Japan as Pocket Fighter ([ame=""]Japanese[/ame]: ポケットファイター[ame=""]?[/ame]), is a [ame=""]fighting game[/ame] released by [ame=""]Capcom[/ame] in September [ame=""]1997[/ame] for the [ame=""]CPS II[/ame] arcade system. It was [ame=""]ported[/ame] to the PlayStation (which retained the Pocket Fighter title for its American and European release), [ame=""]Sega Saturn[/ame], and [ame=""]WonderSwan[/ame], as well as [ame=""]PlayStation 2[/ame] as part of the [ame=""]Street Fighter Alpha Anthology[/ame].
The game uses the same [ame=""]super deformed[/ame] character designs previously used in [ame=""]Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo[/ame], a [ame=""]puzzle game[/ame] by Capcom featuring their fighting game characters. The roster includes characters from [ame=""]Street Fighter Alpha[/ame], [ame=""]Darkstalkers[/ame], [ame=""]Street Fighter III[/ame], and the [ame=""]CPS III[/ame] arcade game Red Earth. It also features many [ame=""]cameos[/ame] from various Capcom games scattered in the background of the stages, such as Balrog, [ame=""]Demitri[/ame], etc.

Here is an example of the ending:

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