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Dynamite Headdy - December 11
Dynamite Headdy - December 11
Published by joz
Dynamite Headdy - December 11

Headdy, the central protagonist of the game, arrives in North Town to find that the evil puppet King Dark Demon is in the midst of attacking the puppet town to select which of the peaceful toys should live and which should be converted into his evil minions. Headdy is captured and rejected by D.D.'s forces, and is dropped into the dust cargo to be thrown into the incinerator. However, Headdy escapes the clutches of Dark Demon's minions and sets off to defeat the evil king.
However, trouble is afoot. Not only is the puppet world filled with Dark Demon's minions, but to reach the evil overlord's castle Headdy must defeat Dark Demon's Keymasters, who serve as the king's elite guard. To make matters worse, Headdy is followed by Trouble Bruin (Maruyama), a puppet jealous of Headdy's success. Trouble Bruin wants to be the star instead of Headdy, and will stop at nothing to get rid of him.

Beat Dynamite Headdy for 41 Game Club Points!!!
Here is an example of the ending:

(if you wait for the end you can get your highest score and the ending)

[ame=""]Dynamite Headdy (MD/G) Ending - YouTube[/ame]

Play Dynamite Headdy Sega and select ArcadeOX Score Mode to receive credit for mastery.

Sub games available:

Dynamite Headdy Game Gear 41 points
Dynamite Headdy Genesis 41 points
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