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A top scrolling shooter.
Experience the epic dogfights of WW2.
Rating: 3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes
Times Played: 24345   Released: 1990
Series: 19xx
Personal Best: N/A
A space battle strategy game.
Defeat the five other Lords of the Universe and dominate the Galaxy!
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1979   Released: 1990
Keywords: Strategy

Personal Best: N/A
A puzzle game.
It's 'Connect Four' with a twist.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 4836   Released: 1990
Keywords: Puzzle, Action
Personal Best: N/A
A colorful puzzle game that changes - and forces you to think!
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1660   Released: 1990
Keywords: Puzzle

Personal Best: N/A
A submarine battle simulation game.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1498   Released: 1990
Keywords: Simulation

Personal Best: N/A
After hundreds of years of chaos, mankind has finally emerged from the ruins of nuclear war. This world of the distant future has once again flourished under the guidance of the Great King, who harnessed the power of the 8 Eyes to rebuild the planet.

These strange jewels of power were formed at the eyes, or centers, of the eight nuclear explosions which nearly destroyed the Earth. In the wrong hands, the 8 Eyes could cause untold destruction... and now, they have been seized by the Great King's eight Dukes, in a desperate bid to gain control of the world for themselves. They have banished the King to the nuclear wastelands, and already their squabbling threatens to plunge the world into war once again!

The task of retrieving the 8 Eyes falls to you, Orin the Falconer, the bravest and mightiest of the King's Guardsmen. With your fighting falcon, Cutrus, you must penetrate each of the eight Dukes' castles. There you will face the Dukes' soldiers, and battle strange nuclear mutants such as living skeletons, giant wasps, and mud men. You must defeat the monstrous Boss of each castle to retrieve the Jewel of Power he guards.

Then, to complete your quest, return the 8 Eyes to the Altar of Peace to await the return of the Great King, so that he may finish the rebuilding of Earth. Your reward will be the eternal gratitude of all mankind!
Rating: 4 Votes4 Votes4 Votes4 Votes4 Votes
Times Played: 6090   Released: 1990
Keywords: Platform, Action
Jack Bando
Personal Best: N/A
In the year 5012, a strange cytoplasmic creature is sighted in your galaxy. It's Parasitis! A deadly, formless mass which feeds on all life forms and assumes the shape of its swallowed prey! Parasitis rapidly advances upon your home planet, Abadox, and engulfs it!

From nearby space stations, the World Alive Force launches a full-scale attack. But the massive Parasitis crushes the entire squadron! An orbiting hospital ship is even swallowed whole - with the beautiful Princess Maria on board!

You are Second Lieutenant Nazal, the lone survivor of the Force. Sidelined from the action by your ship's faulty energy drive, you witness the attack! But it's not too late to join the battle!

Now your weapons are ready and your ship has been repaired! Jettison from your spacecraft, ignite your power pack and zoom into Parasitis' grisly surface. Your Mission: To blast your way inside Parasitis' nightmarish body and battle your way to its Core - to destroy it!

Fight your way inside its deadly mouth! Travel down its throat, through its nerve center - battling hordes of enemy antibodies and bacteria! Use lasers, guided missiles, and special orbiting shields to destroy them! Beware the Guardians that ward off all intruders - bombard them with fierce fire power! You must succeed to save the Universe and rescue Princess Maria!

Prepare to blast off! Your Mission begins!
Rating: 4 Votes4 Votes4 Votes4 Votes4 Votes
Times Played: 6027   Released: 1990
Personal Best: N/A
A card game similar to Solitaire.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1489   Released: 1990
Keywords: Cards

Personal Best: N/A
Action 52 features 52 different games in a single cartridge! The games are selected from one of three menus and are mostly side scrolling, platform or shooter action games.
Rating: 7 Votes7 Votes7 Votes7 Votes7 Votes
Times Played: 6082   Released: 1990
Keywords: Multiple Game
Series: Cheetah Men
Personal Best: N/A
ActRaiser combines side-scrolling action with world-building strategy set within a fantasy realm. As a deity called The Master, your task is to overthrow evil forces by reclaiming your land and amassing a population of followers. Action sequences allow you to possess a warrior statue, using its sword and magical attacks to destroy evil in six lands, while the simulation mode consists of clearing out deserts or swamps, constructing cities, and keeping their populations safe. While neither mode is the height of its respective genre, the unique combination and a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack result in an engrossing and enjoyable adventure.
Rating: 3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes
Times Played: 5433   Released: 1990
Series: ActRaiser

Personal Best: N/A
A skiing game.
Become master of the slopes!
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1305   Released: 1990
Keywords: Sports

Personal Best: N/A
An RPG in the same style as Dragon Quest.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 2663   Released: 1990
AKA: Musashi no Bouken
Keywords: Rpg
- no score -
Personal Best: N/A
Gilligan's Island is a pretty neat little game. The graphics and sound aren't great, but then, you don't need them to be. That's not the point. The point is to wander around and find the clues to solve each episode, while having a little action thrown in to keep things exciting. Of course, most of what you do is avoid fights, because there are only certain ones that you need to win, and those require plot points to provide the right weapon to beat the fight. Other than that, it's a matter of keeping the Skipper alive and not letting Gilligan get lost.
Rating: 2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes
Times Played: 2099   Released: 1990
Keywords: Platform, Action

Personal Best: N/A
Our heroic pair are at it again! On their return from the Haunted Castle (successfully defeated in the original Adventures of Lolo) our Hero and Heroine were confronted by the real power of the land - the King of Eggerland himself. Swooping down on our victorious couple, the King thundered, "The Labyrinth was only a preliminary test - the real battle starts now! If you can make it through my Tower and my Castle, I will set your people free. But just make sure there are no tricks - this little one comes with me!" And with that he grabbed little Lala and spirited her away to his Castle in the clouds. But, fortunately, Lala was able to analyze each of the mazes as she was aken through the Tower, and left clues in Jewel Boxes in each room. Each Jewel that Lolo collects contains a bt of information tat will help him in the next room. With your help, they will work together to free their people from the clutches of the King.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 2603   Released: 1990
Keywords: Puzzle, Action
Series: Eggerland

Personal Best: N/A
And so, Rad Gravity begins the quest that will carry him far beyond the life he's known thus far-- to the strange, twisted world of Cyberia, where killer robots guard information that is vital to his mission!

But Cyberia is a beacon of hope compared to the rotting carcass of Effluvia, where the garbage of the universe does not go to die!

From the lands of the decadent future it's too short a trip to the land where dinosaurs still walk and fire ants nip your toes - Sauria!

Then it's on to the old-fashioned beauty of the cloud city hovering high above verdant Vernia! Cool and serene, it's the absolute opposite of--

--the down-and-dirty antics of the gnomes who plague passers-by on Odar!

And between the worlds are the shifting terrors of the asteroid belt, where the only means of avoiding the constantly swirling stones is the principle of action and reaction! To move in one direction, a space cadet must fire his weapon in the other direction, to push him along!

But the weirdest world of all awaits where gravity has gone wild-- on the upside down sphere of Turvia! And this is but a fraction of the fate to be found in-- The Adventures of Rad Gravity!
Rating: 2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes
Times Played: 2157   Released: 1990
Keywords: Platform, Action
Personal Best: N/A
The N.A.C., a terrorist organization, has built a leaser emitter - "EL" - that is causing a panic, as it is capable of destroying the Ozone layer. We need you to pilot the Freedom Fighter, an advanced aircraft that may be the only means we have to crush the enemy!

Ancient shoot-'em-up relying on old-fashioned principles of keeping the player busy. Graphic and sound are now dated.
Rating: 1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes
Times Played: 3045   Released: 1990
Personal Best: N/A
Aero Blasters is a Shoot-'Em-Up game, developed by Inter State and published by Turbo Technologies, Inc.. It was released in 1990 for the Turbo Grafx, and is one the system's most popular Shmups.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 3787   Released: 1990
Personal Best: N/A
Based on the arcade hit. Dogfight your way to air supremacy using missles and the machine gun. Don't forget to hit the after burner.
Rating: 3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes
Times Played: 6612   Released: 1990
AKA: After Burner II
Keywords: Flight Sim, Shootemup
Series: After Burner
Personal Best: N/A
The useridea behind this game is just to solve puzzle kind of levels with some... space man. With this astronaut (if you can call it that way) you have to shoot other astronauts, space ships and avoid mines bombs and aliens (if it are aliens, I'm not sure :). At the end of a level (which is just one screen). You have to shoot some kind of ball, seems like the thing you have to hit and then there come out squirts and other animals in the Sonic series on the Sega. Then the level is finished. You get an amount of time at the start of the level (1 min, 2 min and so on) within you have to reach the ball thing.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1833   Released: 1990
Keywords: Platform, Action
Personal Best: N/A
Air Buster: Trouble Specialty Raid Unit a.k.a Aero Blasters: Trouble Specialty Raid Unit is a horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game released by Kaneko in 1990, licensed to Namco.

In the year 2021 a mysterious orbital space weapon appears and assaults the nations of the Earth. The players control the pilots Mike or Holly who are a part of the Trouble Speciality Raid Unit whose mission is to stop the invasion.

Players choose between one of the two Blaster fighters through scrolling six stages. The Blaster fighters can equip one of seven weapons. The weapons include the Striker weapon which adds additional firepower through vertically aligned Options, the Reverse shot which fires two diagonal shots from the rear of the ship, the Six Way Shot which fires semi-automatic shots in six directions and the Homing Shot which tracks enemies all around the screen.

The other three weapons are Missile based which vary from Red straight-firing Rockets and Green Homing Missiles. There is also the Border item which surrounds the front of the ship, keeping it from crashing into foreground objects. The only other Items include Power-Ups which increase the ship's standard shot power and Bonus Points that appear in the sign of Dollar signs.
Rating: 2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes
Times Played: 3103   Released: 1990
Personal Best: N/A
You have been selected to fly on a top-secret mission to attack the stronghold of a fanatical Mideast terrorist organization. They are well-armed and have the backing of several "unfriendly governments," so your only two advantages are the stealth fighter that you will fly and your own combat skills. Good luck, because you're gonna need it....

A dogfighting simulation that reminds one of the original Wing Commander. The cockpit takes up so much of the screen that you can't see whats going on! Boring and unimpressive.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 3533   Released: 1990
Personal Best: N/A
Air Duel is a vertically scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game released by Irem in 1990. You can select from a fighter jet or helicopter, shoot enemies in the air and ground, collect power-ups, and defeat bosses to advance levels.

The game differs from most others in the genre in that you can change the aircraft you use at the start of each new level. The fighter always shoots straight forward, though power ups multiply the width and power of its shots. The helicopter can spray shots diagonally, but always fires a narrow beam. Power ups give it more rapid fire.

There are no different kinds of weapons, only different levels of power, and losing a life resets your power to the level you start with. "Air Duel" is a challenging game, and later levels become nearly unplayable if a single life is lost.

Both the fighter and the helicopter also start with three bombs which wipe out everything in their path, including enemy shots. Additional bombs can be picked up during the course of the game.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 3098   Released: 1990
Personal Best: N/A
Pure turbo racing - wheel to wheel - high speed combined with high tech. With Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing you're competing in the most challenging racing circuit in the world. It's a grueling battle through sixteen different courses through sixteen different countries.

Al Unser Jr.'s Turbo Racing gives you incredible racing excitement and realism. And best of all it gives you Al Unser Jr. himself. Before each race, Al Unser Jr. personally gives you his expert inside tips on how to handle the course. Design your own car, or get ready to drive Unser's incredible red, white and blue race machine.

Go ahead - test yourself against the world's best. Many try but few succeed. With Al Unser Jr. the odds are in your favor.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 2826   Released: 1990
AKA: World Grand-Prix: Pole to Finish
Keywords: Racing

Personal Best: N/A
After ten thousand years, the once-banished Dark Ninja returns to make another attempt to take over the Miracle World. Someone's definitely got to stop him! Guess who dares to meet the challenge? You! You're Alex Kidd, the prince who knows no fear.

A lovely girl has been kidnapped and her life is at risk! And she's your girlfriend from the planet Shinobi! By holding her hostage, the Dark Ninja plans to realize his fiendish scheme. She must be saved before it's too late!

You need more than courage to be successful. Transform into a fireball and burn up enemies that come at you. Jump up and across towering walls with your amazing wall-climbing skills. Turn into a tornado and twist your way out. And when you encounter the Dark Ninja, think only of winning. Otherwise you'll lose your girl and, worse yet, the Miracle World will be doomed forever!

Mixing ninja with a successful character. There's plenty of platform adventuring to keep you enthralled for ages.
Rating: 2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes
Times Played: 6282   Released: 1990
Keywords: Platform, Action
Series: Alex Kidd, Shinobi
Chris Arnold
Personal Best: N/A
A simple action/platformer from Face, gameplay is what one would largely expect from a platformer of this era. Alice can move left or right via the D-pad; she can also jump. She has several means of offense. As is common in many platformers, she can jump on top of most enemies to squish them. In addition, she can shout " イヤ " (iya/no) at enemies; this can be charged up for up to three levels of power, resulting in a bigger "iya". Alice can get out of breath if you shout too much, though.

Story: Alice is a simple country girl who loves fairy stories. One night while she was sleeping, she had a very strange dream. A white rabbit appeared, and begged for Alice's help; the dream world has been conquered by Mammon, and only Alice can restore peace and save the inhabitants of dream world! How can she refuse?

The Japanese name for this is Fushigi no Yume no Alice
Rating: 1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes
Times Played: 2163   Released: 1990
AKA: Fushigi Ni , Yumi No Alice,
Keywords: Disney, Platform, Action
Personal Best: N/A

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