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Rating: 1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes
Times Played: 3416   Released: 1993
Keywords: Platform, Action
Series: looney tunes

Personal Best: N/A
Now you can play your own version of the 1992 NBA finals with Bulls vs. Blazers and
the NBA Playoffs. Not only does this game include the two teams that made it to that
year's championship series, the other fourteen teams that made the playoffs are featured as well, represented by real team and player names. Also, the East and West All-Star teams are included. Whether by yourself or with a friend (cooperatively or competitively), you can play Arcade basketball, where players never tire and fouls don't count, or you can play Simulation basketball, in which players can foul out of games and can get fatigued if they are on the floor too long. There are three levels of difficulty to choose from: Pre-Season, Reg-Season, and Showtime, the most difficult of the three.

Each team in this game has one player with a signature move, a marquee shot, or a
trademark dunk or layup, which can be performed from a specific spot on the court. For
example: Larry Bird of the Celtics can shoot a Fade Away Jump Shot, and Brad
Daugherty of the Cavaliers can slam down a Monster Dunk.

Whether you are playing a tournament or a single game, you'll find that Bulls vs.
Blazers has many of the features of real NBA basketball, such as player substitutions,
network announcers, hook shots, finger rolls, player statistics, team statistics, a
twenty-four second shot clock, free-throws, jump shots, double-teams, steals, blocked
shots, dunks, fouls, turnovers, backcourt violations, inbound violations, and time outs.

To save your progress in a tournament, so you can pick up where you left off after
turning off your Super Nintendo, a password feature is available.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 2019   Released: 1992
Keywords: Basketball, Sports
Series: NBA Live

Personal Best: N/A
Released to popular acclaim in the Arcades in 1994, Bust-A-Move finally makes its way to the Super Nintendo. It is an action puzzle contest in which you take control of two green anim
Rating: 1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes
Times Played: 3889   Released: 1995
Keywords: Puzzle
Series: Bust A Move
Personal Best: N/A
Cacoma Knight in Bizyland is a fantasy-themed take on the classic coin-op game, Qix. Instead of controlling a dot, you guide one of three characters from the kingdom of Bizyland. Your goal is to return the darkened lands to their former useridyllic state, which involves drawing lines across the terrain using "magic chalk." Enemies will patrol across the lines, threatening to end the game if they touch your character. Boxing enemies in with your chalk will safely eliminate them from the screen, while surrounding areas with treasure chests will reward you. Complete each stage's assigned percentage to advance to the next area. Cacoma Knight in Bizyland includes support for two players, either working cooperatively against the computer or versus each other in a head-to-head battle.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1950   Released: 1992
Keywords: Qix, Puzzle
Personal Best: N/A
Cal Ripken Jr., the ironman of baseball, leased his name and image to this video game version of America's favorite pastime. You can play by yourself, compete against a friend, or you and your friend can team-up against the computer. Other than Cal Ripken Jr. himself, there are no other copyrighted images in this game such as players, logos, or team names. There are 18 generic baseball teams, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. You can choose from three different fictitious stadiums to play in, and you can organize an All Cal game where Ripken Jr. plays every position on the field. League play consists of a 20-week season, but if you want more practice before entering serious competition, you can play exhibition ball. Other options and features include leading off, stealing bases, bunting, substituting players, and passwords for each season game, so you won't have to begin anew every time you turn on your SNES.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1941   Released: 1992
Keywords: Baseball, Sports

Personal Best: N/A
Epyx' best-selling "Games" series makes its Super NES debut with California Games II. Compete in five timed events held throughout the Golden State. You'll snowboard on Mt. Shasta, bodyboard in Santa Cruz, go jet skiing on Monterey Bay, skateboard across the aqueducts, and hang glide over the Pacific Ocean. Play alone or compete against up to eight friends by alternating turns. As you rack up high scores by performing various stunts, you'll receive comments from "Zack," a judge of sorts, who will rate your performances in terms ranging from "dweeb" to "way cool."
Rating: 1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes
Times Played: 2167   Released: 1992
Keywords: Sports
Personal Best: N/A
Cannon Fodder had previously been a hit on the Amiga platform before being ported to Dos by Virgin Interactive, who licensed it from Sensible Software. This cute little real-time wargame involves the player trying to complete a series of missions using a squad of hapless recruits. In order to finish each mission, you have to complete several objectives, most often the destruction of key enemy objects.

Rather than opt for a traditional wargaming approach, Cannon Fodder included action elements, as the player actually controls the firing of his/her troops. The general premise of the game involved you directly controlling a platoon of four soldiers, commanding them to walk around and blasting at any enemies that got in your way. In addition to standard gunfire, your troops can also make use of rockets, missiles, etc to clear out enemy forces.

The game was released to the European public at full price, and finally made it to the USA a few years later as a budget title. Thus American gamers didn't pay the product much attention, which is a shame since it's one of the best action/strategy hybrids of the early 90s.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 2339   Released: 1994
Series: Cannon Fodder
Personal Best: N/A
Backed by a rockin' soundtrack that should've rocked harder, Cannondale Cup brings Road Rash-style mayhem to the seldom-explored bicycling genre. Players select from eight cyclists who can punch, jump, and collect speed-ups as they race on eight courses ranging from the city to the mountains. There are also an impressive number of selectable mountain bikes -- each rated according to turning, speed, tires, acceleration, and shocks. Though the tracks are boring in design and graphical appeal, the backgrounds are distinctive, and the object-throwing thugs placed around the tracks as well as the riders themselves look quite decent. A unique control system and solid racing/combat action will make players want to take this game out for a ride.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1637   Released: 1994
Keywords: Racing

Personal Best: N/A
There are four different game modes:

Custom mode: allows exhibition-type games to be played and for all the components of the game to be customized. Players can either control the action on the field or just be a coach and call all the plays.

Tournament mode: permits players to take his team through the playoff bracket and into the Super Bowl.

MVP mode: requires players to change history as he changes the outcome of historical NFL games.

Demo mode: allows the players to watch the AI play against itself.

Other features of the game include:

An instant replay after the end of every important play and the end of each half provides a television-like angle to the gameplay on field.

Game statistics show deficient stats in red numerals.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1480   Released: 1992
Keywords: Football, Sports

Personal Best: N/A
The gameplay progresses in a side view, similar to an arcade soccer game. There are different formations to choose from, and all the players (except the goalkeeper) can be positioned anywhere in the field. Up to four players (SNES Multitap required) can compete in a series of games that include Exhibition, Full J.League Season, and All-Star Game modes. There are also Penalty Kick, Indoor Soccer (also known as Saloon football), and Training modes. The game boasts a realistic style including bicycle kicks, side tackles, diving saves along with several other moves. Players can strategize to be either neutral, on the offensive, or on the defensive. A complete board game map with all the players as dots appear on the top of the screen. All the players' names are in Japanese. Own goals are treated differently than normal goals and are given their own cutscene.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1382   Released: 1994
Keywords: Soccer, Sports

Personal Best: N/A
Captain America and the Avengers is a side-scrolling, hand-to-hand combat game.
Choose one of four characters to battle the Red Skull and his evil army: Captain America, Vision, Iron Man, or Hawkeye. Each character has
special weaponry and special abilities.

Characters in Captain America and the Avengers can pick up objects like tires, rocks,
barrels, and cars to use against enemies. As with most combat-style games, certain
enemies are more difficult to defeat than others.

Between levels, there are flying stages where the characters take to the air to fight
enemies. The flying stages require the heroes to destroy ships and flying enemies to
advance to the next ground stage.

Each character in Captain America and the Avengers possesses unique abilities.
Captain America throws his titanium shield to destroy enemies. Vision uses his
mind blast. Hawkeye shoots arrows with his bow, and Iron Man uses his
special armor's pulse cannons to do battle. Each character is also capable of a jumping attack.
With these special attacks, the character jumps into air, hovers there for a moment, and
then fires his weapon against enemies at ground level.

The ultimate goal of Captain America and the Avengers is to reach the Red Skull's
island and defeat him before he can conquer the Earth.
Rating: 2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes
Times Played: 5809   Released: 1993
Series: Captain America, the Avengers
Personal Best: N/A
In Captain Commando, you can play as one of four heroes. Captain Commando is the leader of the superhero team surprisingly called Commando, Ginzu the Ninja is the stealthy magic wielding member, and Mack the Knife -- or Mummy Commando -- uses his powers of the undead to fight evil. To round out the team, Baby Head is a two-year-old genius who operates a super bad-guy-fighting-machine. Gameplay revolves around visiting various parts of the city and fending off waves upon waves of criminals in the traditional Capcom 2D fighting style.
Rating: 2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes2 Votes
Times Played: 3410   Released: 1995
Keywords: Beatemup, Action
Series: Captain Commando
Personal Best: N/A
Designed to educate and entertain children who suffer from diabetes, Captain Novolin is a side-scrolling action game in which players guide a diabetic superhero to rescue the mayor, while preventing cutely designed junk food aliens from taking over the world. Captain Novolin walks (and sometimes rides a boat) at a leisurely pace throughout a game that lacks detailed backgrounds and features nondescript music. Stomping the aliens is an exercise in redundancy, and the action is overly linear, as players never veer from the left-to-right course to go up a ladder, inside a cave, or anywhere else off the beaten path. Yet as an educational title, the game fares better. Players must give themselves insulin injections and eat the proper amount of healthy foods to keep their blood glucose levels from going too low or too high. Kudos to Raya Systems for publishing such a well-intentioned game.
Rating: 1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes
Times Played: 1121   Released: 1992
Keywords: Platform, Action

Personal Best: N/A
A flight simulating game set during the time of WWII, players control an aircraft pilot of either the United States or the Japanese air forces. Based aboard an aircraft carrier, players can do numerous missions in an effort to help the war effort. Campaign modes allow for all aircraft to have their own statistics and allow players to carry certain types of aircraft into the combat zone.

All aircraft come equipped with a throttle, a speedometer, an altimeter, a compass, and a fuel tank.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1285   Released: 1995

Personal Best: N/A
The player controls Casper, followed by Kat Harvey whom he has to protect from any danger. Being a ghost, Casper can pass through walls and other obstacles, but he can't go away from Kat too much, or else Carrigan's ghost will abduct her. The game follows loosely the plot of the movie. This game uses a revised Absolute A Boy and His Blob engine. Picking up special objects allows Casper to morph into these objects to clear rooms of enemies, and to protect Kat from certain hazards. Mirrors placed throughout the game allows Casper and Kat travel to other parts of mansion, and outside electrical lines allow Casper to pick up the last of the toys, when he picks up the electric bolt morph.
Rating: 1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes
Times Played: 1977   Released: 1996
Keywords: Platform, Action
Series: casper

Personal Best: N/A
Several hundred years have passed
since legendary hero Simon Belmont defeated the evil Count Dracula and sealed
him away for what was supposed to be eternity. The people have long
forgotten about the horror of the undead, thus allowing a few depraved
individuals to restore the Prince of Darkness to his former state; sleeping
in his coffin by day and preying upon hapless victims by night.

Dracula now plans to get revenge on his old enemy through his descendants
by locking Annet, the girlfriend of Belmont's great gradson, Richter, and her
sister, Maria, in his dark gloomy castle.

Once aware of this, Richter takes his ancestor's sacred whip, passed down
through the years from father to son, and sets out for Dracula's castle to
rescue Annet and Maria, and to seal away the evil Count for good.
Rating: 6 Votes6 Votes6 Votes6 Votes6 Votes
Times Played: 12959   Released: 1995
AKA: Akumajō Dracula XX
Keywords: Platform, Action
Series: Castlevania, dracula
Personal Best: N/A
Champions World Class Soccer brings together 32 international teams to compete in either an Exhibition or Tournament format. Once you choose your team, select from four different formations, whether fouls or offsides are called, and either 15, 30, or 45 minute halves. Play then begins on a horizontal field, with players being able to perform shoves and slide tackles, bicycle kicks, headers, passes, traps, throw-ins and corner kicks. You can also elect to have your goalie set on one of three different levels: automatic, semi-automatic or manual. Other notable features include a transparent radar display at the top of the screen and support for four languages: English, Spanish, French or German. Passwords will allow you to continue Tournament progress after the console is turned off.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1303   Released: 1994
Keywords: Soccer, Sports

Personal Best: N/A
The Billiard Congress of America presents Championship Pool for your Nintendo Entertainment System. This billiards simulation features four play modes and dozens of variations on the classic game of balls and sticks.

In the Tournament Mode, you take on 31 other pool sharks in a regional single elimination tournament. If you win the tournament, you advance to the national finals featuring the four regional winners. In Tournament Mode, you can play Eight Ball or Nine Ball.

In Challenge Mode, you must play selected games without missing a shot. The game options in this mode include 14-1 Challenge, Eight Ball, Nine Ball, Three Ball, Speed Pool, and Equal Offense.

In the Party Mode, two to eight players take turns sinking balls in every form of billiards imaginable.

Finally, in Freestyle Mode, anything goes. Sink the balls any way you can. Your job is to knock all 15 balls off the table without regard for rules.

To play, gamers get a targeted shot system complete with previews of shots. The B button allows players to adjust shot speed. Clicking the A button once shows a shot preview. Clicking the A button twice launches the ball. Start pauses the game and brings up a menu.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1673   Released: 1993
Keywords: Pool

Personal Best: N/A
One of the first in video games that attempted to encompass the entire professional footballing world into one game. Featuring many divisions in many countries around the globe, it featured a twenty season career mode which allowed players to manage and play as thousands of different clubs from across the globe, many of which were very obscure.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1217   Released: 1994
AKA: Sensible Soccer
Keywords: Soccer, Sports
Series: Sensible Soccer

Personal Best: N/A
Chavez features gameplay that was practically useridentical to that featured in Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing. The graphics are similar in function; however, they have been completely redrawn in a more cartoon-like style. As Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing, the visuals of a fight are made up of 2D sprite-based boxers and a simple 3D boxing ring. A small overhead map of the ring featuring both fighters' positions is also visible during fights. The game features a career mode in which the player fights their way through all the boxers in the game until facing Chavez himself. The game also features an exhibition mode in which players can play as any boxer and put them in matches against any boxer in the game.

Using this as a navigation aid, it is possible to move boxers 360 degrees around the ring. However, due to all the boxers' sprites being drawn from one side-on point of view, their lateral movement appears somewhat unusual.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1403   Released: 1994
AKA: Riddick Bowe Boxing
Keywords: Boxing, Sports

Personal Best: N/A
Each fight is seen from behind and slightly to one side of one of the boxers, so that the player appears to be looking over their shoulder, in the direction of their opponent. In the North American version, the blood is colored red while the Japanese version uses sweat instead. This is contrary to Nintendo's then-current censorship policy that blood should never be used in their games. Between each round, girls in bikinis announce the next round by showing a number around the ring (and to the player).
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1338   Released: 1995
AKA: Boxing Legends of the Ring
Keywords: Boxing, Sports

Personal Best: N/A
The Chessmaster is an elegant translation of the PC game that thankfully isn't dumbed down for a console audience. This version will satisfy both beginners and experts with its customization options, 16 difficulty levels and teaching mode. The visuals are clean, with a crisply rendered chessboard and polished, classically styled pieces. A brief musical fanfare plays after each move, and there's even a catchy rendition of the jazz standard Take Five at the title screen.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1599   Released: 1991
Keywords: Board Game
Series: Chessmaster

Personal Best: N/A
Chester Cheetah is missing his motor scooter. It will take a patient player to guide him through challenges in many varied lands to help him get it back. There are several enemies that will stand in his way, though, including a really mean dog. The game features a pixilated version of the Frito-Lay mascot, who must run, jump, and steer his way through a variety of mazes, platforms, and forced-scrolling levels. Help Chester recover his scooter and watch him ride off into the sunset.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1690   Released: 1992
Keywords: Platform, Action
Personal Best: N/A
The gameplay revolves around piloting a rescue helicopter into hostile territory and rescuing hostages. The player's task is made more complicated by the limited number of hostages the helicopter can carry as well as increasing difficulty throughout the four chapters of the game. Each chapter is set in a different environment, starting off with jungle, then naval, city and finally desert (primarily underground) warfare.

The game also has a number of minibosses spread throughout the campaign.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1717   Released: 1994
Series: choplifter
Personal Best: N/A
Chrono Trigger puts a spin on the traditional RPG battle system by joining more than one character's attacks to create a "combination" attack. As you travel through the game, you will earn more of these and eventally learn the ultimate in combinations: the triple attack.

This game follows a long and twisting tale because the element of time travel is used. If you screw up in the past, it will greatly affect the future.

Once you have beaten the game, a new game mode opens up: the "+" mode. In "+" mode, you retain all the weapons, levels, and items you had when you beat the game, but you get to use them at the beginning of the game instead. This allows you to get some of the game's 15 secret endings. The "+" mode is also loaded with many side-quests and hidden treasures.
Rating: 19 Votes19 Votes19 Votes19 Votes19 Votes
Times Played: 13848   Released: 1995
Keywords: Rpg
Series: Chrono

Personal Best: N/A

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