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A run-of-the-mill action platformer based on the 1994 children's movie, 3 Ninjas Kick Back features three playable characters (Rocky, Colt, and Tum-Tum), each having a unique weapon. Visually, this title looks dated, with small cartoon-like character sprites and bland environments backed by the same repetitious tune, with equally repetitive run, slash, and jump gameplay.
Rating: 5 Votes5 Votes5 Votes5 Votes5 Votes
Times Played: 14000   Released: 1994
Keywords: Platform, Action
Series: 3 Ninjas Kick Back
Personal Best: N/A
7th Saga features seven playable characters, each with their own motives and storylines, all on a competitive quest to retrieve seven lost mystical Runes. Players will encounter the other six characters, ranging from a Tetsujin robot to a malevolent alien, throughout the course of their adventure, battling or joining them in their quest. Once collected, runes imbue their possessor with special abilities, and a Crystal Ball map tells you of their placement, as well as that of surrounding towns and enemies. Graphically, 7th Saga is gritty and a tad pixelated, while the music lends a regal and foreboding tone. 7th Saga's most glaring flaw is the absurd amount of fighting necessary to gain levels and progress further in your quest. A great game but not for the faint of heart.
Rating: 8 Votes8 Votes8 Votes8 Votes8 Votes
Times Played: 9701   Released: 1993
Keywords: Rpg, Turn-based

Personal Best: N/A
The player(s) get to play in either exhibition, tournament, or in the all-star mode. The view is from a left-right perspective and the national flags of several European countries are used in the game. In the game mode "You're a Hero," the player must make miracle plays that either win and/or change the game. The kick-off is doing using 3D graphics with the camera showing the spectators in the grandstand.

This game is a sequel to J.League Soccer Prime Goal 2 and J.League Soccer Prime Goal, which were both developed by Namco.
~courtesy of Wikipedia
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 5248   Released: 1995
Keywords: Soccer, Sports

Personal Best: N/A

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