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The player takes on the role of medieval history lecturer Wil Mason, whose car breaks down while he drives through Snowdonia in a storm. He seeks refuge in a deserted tower, only to wake up in a strange world.

Obitus is essentially a role-playing video game, but with some arcade-style action as well. It combines several graphics styles and perspectives.

Reviewer David Upchurch gave the Amiga version a score of 830 (out of a possible 1000), praising the graphics and gameplay, but noting that it may not appeal to hard-core RPG enthusiasts.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1333   Released: 1993
Keywords: Rpg

Personal Best: N/A
Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen is a strategy RPG in which you are the leader needed to free the land. Choose to do the right thing and the people will support you. Choose the evil path and you will strike terror into the hearts of the peasants. The choice is yours and yours alone.

The once bright and happy days of Zenobia are growing dark and cold -- evil is running rampant over the entire continent. "The king is dead" is heard in hushed whispers from shadowy men.

Sage Rashidi, trusted advisor to King Gran, was seduced by the evils of power. While in its grip, he slew the mighty king. He then joined forces with the evil Empress Endora and the two of them ruled the land with terror. Thus began the Zetegenian Empire.

Now, almost 25 years later, the Empire rules with neither justice nor compassion. A group of hardy souls who are the last remaining user of a rebellion gather along the outskirts of Sharom. Outnumbered and outmatched, the rebellion desperately needs you, fearless gamer, someone who can lead them to victory over the tyrannical Empire. Secrets carried through the wind tell of Warren, a great wizard who can help you in your quest for justice.

The hero you portray is the head of the rebel forces, a character who sometimes goes by the name of the Opinion Leader. His personality is formed based on answers you give to a series of six questions from a set of Tarot cards.

You control the action in this game by guiding a cursor around the screen and selecting icons. You'll be called upon to find treasures, read maps, liberate cities, discover hidden cities, defend cities, change rebel unit formations, add characters to your unit, prepare your unit to fight bosses and armies and much more.

Characters are ranked according to strength, reputation, experience, agility, intelligence, charisma, hit points, luck and many other traits and attributes. You can build on these things as you journey through the game's 30 different locations. There are more than 200 types of weapons, spells, treasures and other items to discover and 12 different game endings. Battery backup lets you save your progress after you have turned off your game system.
Rating: 6 Votes6 Votes6 Votes6 Votes6 Votes
Times Played: 5351   Released: 1993
Keywords: Rpg
Series: Ogre Battle

Personal Best: N/A
Go for the Gold in this multi-sport release based on the 1996 Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games. Like earlier video games representing such sports, including the Konami arcade classic Track & Field, the control scheme is based on rapidly pressing two or three buttons to make the onscreen athletes perform.

Many field events are featured in Olympic Summer Games, such as Javelin, Discus, Long Jump, High Jump, and even Pole Vault. Track events like the 110 Meter Hurdles and 100 Meter Spring races are included too. Hand-eye coordination is tested in Skeet Shooting and Archery.
Rating: 1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes
Times Played: 1374   Released: 1996
Keywords: Sports

Personal Best: N/A
Steer a ball through a 2D maze by rotating the board clockwise or counterclockwise in On the Ball for Super NES. The game features four courses spanning a total of 30 levels. Find the exit before the time limit and you'll progress to the next stage. Obstacles such as traffic lights or bricks are designed to restrict movement, but hitting them with your ball will open up blocked paths. You'll also be given a chance to increase your time for the subsequent level by playing a gambling mini-game. On the Ball is a port of Taito's 1989 arcade game, Cameltry.
Rating: 1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes
Times Played: 1619   Released: 1992
Keywords: Reflex, Puzzle
Personal Best: N/A
Operation Europe: Path to Victory is a combat strategy video game for multiple platforms where one or two players can compete in World War II action.

The object of the game is to fulfill any one of the military objectives for either the Axis or the Allied forces. Players engage in modern warfare around Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Europe, and North Africa. This game uses abstract numbers and figures in the map view and saves the concrete illustrations of soldiers only when they lock horns on the battlefield or in an urban setting. Urban settings give a traditional 1930s view of housing and office buildings that provide extra protection for units that are guarding them. However, there are massive numbers to crunch and the lack of graphics help enhance the number crunching ability of game's artificial intelligence.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1213   Released: 1993
AKA: European Front, Europa Sensen
Keywords: Strategy

Personal Best: N/A
Operation Thunderbolt is a one- or two-player shooter arcade game by Taito made in 1988.

Operation Thunderbolt is the sequel to Operation Wolf. Roy Adams and Hardy Jones, two green berets, must save American hostages from a hijacked airliner which was forced to land in the fictional African province, Kalubya. To accomplish their mission, they must capture six different bases, shoot enemies such as soldiers, jeeps, tanks, and helicopters using their machine gun or grenade launcher, and try to save the hostages along the way. The enemies will attack with bullets, grenades, or rockets.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1110   Released: 1994
Keywords: Light Gun, Shootemup
Series: operation wolf

Personal Best: N/A
Oscar is a platform game that was released in 1993, and was developed and published by Flair Software.

The player controls a character named Oscar through seven hollywood-themed levels collecting Oscars.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 875   Released: 1996
Keywords: Platform, Action

Personal Best: N/A
BS Out of Bounds Golf is a Golf game, developed and published by NCS, which was released in Japan in 1995.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1781   Released: 1997
Keywords: Golf, Sports

Personal Best: N/A
As you wheel your speedy Ferrari along winding roads, huge bolts of lightning arc brilliantly across the sky. You put your lead foot all the way to the floor, and your car moves effortlessly across the slick highway. Slowing down for the turn, you skid into the parking lot of the lab. You are Lester Knight Chaykin, cool scientist extraordinaire.

After passing the standard series of entry tests, you are given the high level of clearance necessary for entry into the lab. With a loud sigh, you collapse into the comfortable plush computer chair and flick on your trusty computer. Opening a can of soda, you take a huge gulp as the machine loads up. With the swiftness that only years of experience can bring, you type in commands and begin the nuclear experiment. Suddenly, a bolt of lightning surges into the lab and collides with your experiment, winking you out of existence.

Seconds later you find yourself sitting in your chair, submerged in a pool of water. You feverishly swim toward the surface as tentacles (!) reach up for you. After a narrow escape, you climb out of the water and look around. You are greeted by an entirely new environment, one of strange animals gone mad. A blood-curdling howl cuts through the silence, and you scramble to your feet. Where are you? You are out of *THIS* world.
Rating: 3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes3 Votes
Times Played: 3872   Released: 1992
AKA: Another World, OoTW
Keywords: Adventure
Series: Another World

Personal Best: N/A
One of relatively few food themed games of the post 8-bit era, Out to Lunch puts players in the role of a nutty chef trying to collect cheese, tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms, and other bouncing, jumping, and otherwise elusive lunch items. To stun a piece of food so you can catch it in your net and deliver it to a cage, simply jump on the food or knock it out with a hot sauce-induced breath of fire or other weapon. The vertical scrolling stages take players through China, Switzerland and other exotic locations, and there are several neat touches to the game, such as eggs equipped with parachutes, and skates to keep the chef from sliding on ice. With its emphasis on jumping and its cute, but challenging gameplay, Out to Lunch will appeal to fans of such games as Mappy and Kangaroo.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1205   Released: 1993
Keywords: Platform, Action

Personal Best: N/A
In Outlander the player drives along a post-apocalyptic road in either first-person view (Megadrive) or third-person (SNES). Bikers and trucks attack the player's car with gunfire or ramming. To fend them off a car window is displayed allowing the player to fire a shotgun to the left or right. The car is also armed with a forward-firing machinegun. Enemy vehicles destroyed in this way result in a explosion that may damage the player's car.[3]

The car's fuel is consumed over time, and the player may either stop to refill, or run out of fuel. In either case, on-foot gameplay ensues. In this section, the player must avoid chain or petrol-bomb wielding bikers, landmines, and armed hillbillies. There is also opportunity to collect health, fuel and ammo before returning to the car.

The player may also stop at towns, another on-foot section that allows resource gathering. Items include ammunition, food, water, fuel, surface-to-air missiles, armour, windshields, fuzzy toys, tires and geiger counters. The geiger counter is used to detect contaminated food.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 1565   Released: 1993
Keywords: Racing

Personal Best: N/A

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