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tanc24's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
720 Degrees - Coin Op 54350 00:00 05-30-2010 3653 05:28:20 Unknown
Food Fight - Coin Op 124100 00:00 08-24-2011 3202 05:01:26 Unknown
Gladiator 1984 - Coin Op 31350 00:00 06-22-2010 3629 14:58:03 Unknown
PGA Tour Golf - Sega 79 00:00 12-04-2008 4194 16:59:32 Unknown
PGA Tour Golf 2 - Genesis 70 00:00 12-04-2008 4194 16:28:34 Unknown
Top Pro Golf - Genesis 82 00:00 12-01-2008 4197 10:43:47 Unknown
Top Pro Golf 2 - Genesis 76 00:00 11-25-2008 4203 10:53:26 Unknown
Victorious Nine - Coin Op 6000 00:00 08-27-2011 3199 03:44:49 Unknown
Player Details for tanc24
World Records: 0
Cleared: 5
1st Place: 8
2nd Place: 22
3rd Place: 30
Top Ten: 195
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 195
Total Scores: 953
Games Played: 4938
Time Spent on Scores: 4 07:49:05
Leaderboard Points: 1444
View Profile: tanc24
tanc24's Cleared Games
CheckmateCoin Op
NBA JamCoin Op
NBA Jam Tournament EditionCoin Op
PGA Tour GolfSega
ShuuzCoin Op
tanc24's Favorites
720 Degrees Coin Op
APB All Points BulletinCoin Op
ArabianCoin Op
BullfightCoin Op
Burger TimeCoin Op
Championship SprintCoin Op
Cheese ChaseCoin Op
CommandoCoin Op
Crystal CastlesCoin Op
Dead ConnectionCoin Op
Demolition DerbyCoin Op
Dig Dug Coin Op
Dig Dug 2Coin Op
Food Fight Coin Op
FroggerCoin Op
Gang BustersCoin Op
GauntletCoin Op
Gun SmokeCoin Op
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Coin Op
Iron HorseCoin Op
Ironman Stewart's Super Off RoadCoin Op
Jail BreakCoin Op
JoustCoin Op
Joust 2: Survival of the FittestCoin Op
KangarooCoin Op
Legend of KageCoin Op
Legend of Zelda, The - Ocarina of Time (USA)Nintendo 64
Lethal EnforcersCoin Op
NAM 1975Coin Op
Narc Coin Op
NBA JamCoin Op
NHL '95 Retro Uprising Member HackGenesis
Nitro BallCoin Op
Operation Wolf Coin Op
Paperboy Coin Op
Peter Pack RatCoin Op
Popeye Coin Op
RampageCoin Op
Real GhostbustersCoin Op
Road RunnerCoin Op
Roc'n RopeCoin Op
SargeCoin Op
Smash TVCoin Op
Spy HunterCoin Op
STUN RunnerCoin Op
Super BagmanCoin Op
Super Mario KartSuper Nintendo
Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven StarsSuper Nintendo
Super Mario World 2: Yoshis IslandSuper Nintendo
Super Sprint Coin Op
Terminator 2: Judgment Day Coin Op
TimberCoin Op
Toobin' Coin Op
Total Carnage Coin Op
Track & FieldCoin Op
Trick Trap Coin Op
TutankhamCoin Op
Vs ExcitebikeCoin Op
Water SkiCoin Op
WelltrisCoin Op
XenophobeCoin Op
tanc24's Other Scores
2Astro Robo SasaNintendo

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