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Pessimeister's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Revenge of Drancon - Game Gear 125790 00:00 09-18-2019 258 12:01:33 Unknown
Road Rash 2 - Genesis 8950 00:00 01-28-2019 490 23:44:47 Unknown
Sky Kid Deluxe - Coin Op 95290 00:00 06-19-2019 349 16:58:49 Unknown
Wonder Boy - Game Gear 174310 00:00 09-23-2019 253 14:43:44 Unknown
Player Details for Pessimeister
World Records: 0
Cleared: 0
1st Place: 4
2nd Place: 14
3rd Place: 41
Top Ten: 329
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 329
Total Scores: 701
Games Played: 2742
Time Spent on Scores: 7 47:05
Leaderboard Points: 1879
View Profile: Pessimeister
Pessimeister's Cleared Games
Pessimeister's Favorites
1942Coin Op
AirgalletCoin Op
Ashura BlasterCoin Op
Bad Dudes vs DragonninjaCoin Op
Blue HawkCoin Op
Cadillacs and DinosaursCoin Op
Double DragonCoin Op
Fighting Hawk Coin Op
Fire SharkCoin Op
Fire SharkGenesis
Flying Shark Coin Op
Flying TigerCoin Op
Formation Armed FTurbo Grafx-16
GalagaCoin Op
Galmedes Coin Op
Gang Wars Coin Op
Gaplus Coin Op
Golden Axe 2Coin Op
Golden Axe: Revenge of Death AdderCoin Op
King of DragonsCoin Op
Kyuukyoku TigerTurbo Grafx-16
Last DayCoin Op
Mad SharkCoin Op
Meta FoxCoin Op
Pac ManiaCoin Op
RaidenCoin Op
RaidenTurbo Grafx-16
Raiden TradGenesis
Rush'n AttackCoin Op
Sand ScorpionCoin Op
Sky SmasherCoin Op
Truxton / TatsujinCoin Op
Turtle Ship Coin Op
Twin Cobra Coin Op
Twin HawkTurbo Grafx-16
V FiveCoin Op
Vapor TrailGenesis
Vapor Trail: Hyper Offence FormationCoin Op
Varth: Operation ThunderstormCoin Op
VendettaCoin Op
VimanaCoin Op
Viper Phase 1Coin Op
Wardner Coin Op
Wonder Boy Coin Op
World WarsCoin Op
Zing Zing ZipCoin Op
Pessimeister's Other Scores
2Grind Stormer V 5Genesis

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