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Fly's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Hyper Sports - Coin Op 120830 00:00 01-06-2014 2342 03:46:28 Unknown
Strength & Skill - Coin Op 180520 00:00 03-12-2014 2277 04:13:35 Unknown
Track & Field - Coin Op 2370900 00:00 01-31-2014 2316 23:58:18 Unknown
Track and Field - Game Boy 9451 00:00 01-09-2014 2339 03:12:26 Unknown
Vs Excitebike - Coin Op 304365 00:00 12-18-2013 2361 01:20:52 Unknown
Player Details for Fly
World Records: 0
Cleared: 4
1st Place: 5
2nd Place: 16
3rd Place: 9
Top Ten: 75
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 75
Total Scores: 314
Games Played: 1392
Time Spent on Scores: 2 19:54:52
Leaderboard Points: 632
View Profile: Fly
Fly's Cleared Games
Hyper SportsCoin Op
KangarooCoin Op
Punch Out!!Coin Op
Street Fighter Alpha 3Coin Op
Fly's Favorites
'88 GamesCoin Op
10 Yard FightNintendo
Aero BlastersTurbo Grafx-16
Atomic Robokid SpecialTurbo Grafx-16
Barcelona '92Nintendo
Blazing LazersTurbo Grafx-16
BloxeedCoin Op
BreakThruCoin Op
Bubble Bobble 3: Parasol StarsTurbo Grafx-16
Capcom's Gold Medal Challenge '92Nintendo
Cyber CoreTurbo Grafx-16
Darius AlphaTurbo Grafx-16
Darius PlusTurbo Grafx-16
Dead MoonTurbo Grafx-16
DecathlonAtari 2600
Dragon SaberTurbo Grafx-16
Fantasy ZoneTurbo Grafx-16
Final SoldierTurbo Grafx-16
Final Soldier Special VersionTurbo Grafx-16
Galaga '88Coin Op
GradiusTurbo Grafx-16
Gradius 2: Gofer no YabouNintendo
Gradius 3 Coin Op
Gradius 3Super Nintendo
Halley's Comet Coin Op
Heavy Barrel Coin Op
HellfireCoin Op
Hunchback OlympicCoin Op
Hyper SportsCoin Op
Life ForceNintendo
Lock'n'ChaseCoin Op
Magical ChaseTurbo Grafx-16
Mr Heli No Dai BoukenTurbo Grafx-16
NemesisCoin Op
New Zealand StoryTurbo Grafx-16
Omega FighterCoin Op
OrdyneTurbo Grafx-16
Out RunTurbo Grafx-16
PsychosisTurbo Grafx-16
Punch Out!!Coin Op
R TypeCoin Op
R TypeTurbo Grafx-16
R Type 2Coin Op
R Type 2Turbo Grafx-16
R Type 2: Taisang VersionTurbo Grafx-16
R Type CompleteTurbo Grafx-16
R Type Leo Coin Op
Rabio Lepus Coin Op
Rabio Lepus SpecialTurbo Grafx-16
RaidenTurbo Grafx-16
Return of the JediCoin Op
Rip OffCoin Op
Road BlastersCoin Op
Robotron 2084Coin Op
Rush'n AttackCoin Op
RygarCoin Op
Saint DragonCoin Op
SalamanderCoin Op
SalamanderTurbo Grafx-16
Salamander 2Coin Op
Side ArmsTurbo Grafx-16
SinistronTurbo Grafx-16
Soldier BladeTurbo Grafx-16
Space MegaforceSuper Nintendo
SplatterhouseCoin Op
Star SoldierNintendo
Starship HectorNintendo
Street Fighter 2: The World WarriorSuper Nintendo
Strength & SkillCoin Op
Strike Gunner STGSuper Nintendo
Super Punch Out!!Coin Op
Super Star SoldierTurbo Grafx-16
Super Street Fighter II TurboCoin Op
Tetris Coin Op
Track & FieldNintendo
Track And FieldAtari 2600
Trojan Coin Op
TruxtonTurbo Grafx-16
Truxton 2Coin Op
Twin Cobra 2Coin Op
TwinBeeCoin Op
Vs ExcitebikeCoin Op
Wyvern WingsCoin Op
Fly's Other Scores
2Star SoldierNintendo

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