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gardok's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Arabian - Coin Op 79700 00:00 09-23-2017 980 07:27:38 Unknown
Gauntlet - Atari 2600 13400 00:00 06-22-2014 2168 14:09:08 Unknown
Karate Champ - Coin Op 95300 00:00 03-02-2014 2281 12:16:13 Unknown
Puzz Loop - Coin Op 643400 00:00 03-24-2014 2258 19:05:09 Unknown
Trivial Pursuit - Coin Op 189250 00:00 04-21-2014 2230 22:23:03 Unknown
Trivial Pursuit - Coin Op 21750 00:00 04-28-2014 2224 06:57:35 Unknown
Trivial Pursuit Genus - Coin Op 46000 00:00 04-19-2014 2232 21:54:26 Unknown
Player Details for gardok
World Records: 0
Cleared: 0
1st Place: 7
2nd Place: 8
3rd Place: 6
Top Ten: 54
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 54
Total Scores: 278
Games Played: 1871
Time Spent on Scores: 2 16:07:14
Leaderboard Points: 508
View Profile: gardok
gardok's Cleared Games
gardok's Favorites
1941Coin Op
1942Coin Op
1943 Modified: Midway Naval BattleCoin Op
AD&D Order Of The GriffonTurbo Grafx-16
AdventureAtari 2600
Air RaidAtari 2600
Alien vs PredatorCoin Op
ArabianCoin Op
ArkanoidCoin Op
AstyanaxCoin Op
AtlantisAtari 2600
Bad Dudes vs DragonninjaCoin Op
BattlantisCoin Op
BattlezoneAtari 2600
Black TigerCoin Op
Circus CharlieCoin Op
Continental CircusCoin Op
Cosmo Gang the VideoCoin Op
Demon AttackAtari 2600
Demon's CrestSuper Nintendo
Dig Dug Coin Op
Dig Dug 2Coin Op
Dodge EmAtari 2600
Donkey KongCoin Op
Donkey KongAtari 2600
DonPachi Coin Op
Dragon's Fury 2: Dragon's RevengeGenesis
Dungeon MagicCoin Op
FroggerCoin Op
GalagaCoin Op
GalaxianCoin Op
GalaxianAtari 2600
GauntletCoin Op
GauntletAtari 2600
Ghosts'n GoblinsCoin Op
Gomoku Narabe RenjuCoin Op
HangmanAtari 2600
Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyText Adventures
Ikari Warriors Coin Op
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Coin Op
JoustCoin Op
JoustAtari 7800
Kaboom!Atari 2600
KangarooCoin Op
Karate Champ Coin Op
KrullCoin Op
Kung-Fu MasterCoin Op
Lady BugCoin Op
Laser GatesAtari 2600
Legend of KageCoin Op
Lock'n'ChaseCoin Op
Lode Runner 3: The Golden LabyrinthCoin Op
Lup Lup PuzzleCoin Op
Mario BrosCoin Op
Metal SlugCoin Op
Monster SliderCoin Op
Mr. Do!Coin Op
Ms Pac ManCoin Op
Mystic ArkSuper Nintendo
New Zealand StoryCoin Op
Ninja Kid 2Coin Op
Pac & PalCoin Op
Pac ManCoin Op
Pac ManiaCoin Op
Pepper 2Coin Op
Pitfall!Atari 2600
Professor PacManCoin Op
Puzz LoopCoin Op
Qbert Coin Op
Qix Coin Op
Quiz & Dragons Coin Op
R TypeCoin Op
RaidenCoin Op
RampageCoin Op
RastanCoin Op
River RaidAtari 2600
River RaidAtari 5200
Robotron 2084Coin Op
Samurai ShodownCoin Op
Smash TVCoin Op
Space HarrierCoin Op
Space HarrierGame Gear
Spider FighterAtari 2600
Super MetroidSuper Nintendo
Super OthelloCoin Op
TapperCoin Op
TetrisCoin Op
Thunder & LightningCoin Op
Time Pilot '84 Coin Op
Trivial Pursuit Coin Op
Trivial Pursuit Coin Op
Trivial Pursuit Coin Op
Trivial Pursuit Coin Op
Trivial Pursuit Coin Op
Trivial Pursuit GenusCoin Op
Tron Coin Op
Undercover Cops Coin Op
Valhalla And The Lord Of ActionAmiga
Vanguard Coin Op
Venture Coin Op
VolfiedCoin Op
Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga Episode 3Coin Op
Wizard of WorCoin Op
Wizard Of WorAtari 2600
Wizard Of WorAtari 5200
Yars' RevengeAtari 2600
gardok's Other Scores
2Legend of KageCoin Op

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