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Parsons13's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Player Details for Parsons13
World Records: 0
Cleared: 0
1st Place:
2nd Place:
3rd Place:
Top Ten:
Outside Top Ten:
Distinct Scores: 0
Total Scores: 0
Games Played: 525
Time Spent on Scores: 03:15
Leaderboard Points:
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Parsons13's Cleared Games
Parsons13's Favorites
Advance WarsGame Boy Advance
Advance Wars 2 - Black Hole RisingGame Boy Advance
Adventure IslandNintendo
Adventure Island 2Nintendo
Adventure Island 3Nintendo
Adventure Island 4Nintendo
Adventures of LoloNintendo
Adventures of LoloGame Boy
Adventures of Lolo 2Nintendo
Adventures of Lolo 3Nintendo
Aero The Acro BatSuper Nintendo
Aero The Acro Bat 2Super Nintendo
Attack of the Killer TomatoesNintendo
AxelaySuper Nintendo
Bad DudesNintendo
Bard's TaleNintendo
Base Wars, Cyber Stadium SeriesNintendo
Bases LoadedNintendo
Bases Loaded 2: Second SeasonNintendo
Batman ReturnsNintendo
Batman: Return of the JokerNintendo
Battle Zone and Super BreakoutGame Boy
Battletoads & Double DragonNintendo
Battletoads And Double Dragon: The Ultimate TeamSuper Nintendo
Battletoads In BattlemaniacsSuper Nintendo
Beavis And Butt HeadSuper Nintendo
Bionic CommandoNintendo
Blades of SteelNintendo
Boktai - The Sun Is in Your HandGame Boy Advance
Bomberman 2Nintendo
Bomberman Max 2 - Blue AdvanceGame Boy Advance
Bomberman Max: Blue ChampionGame Boy Color
Bomberman QuestGame Boy Color
Bomberman TournamentGame Boy Advance
Bonk 2 Bonk's RevengeGame Boy
Bonk's AdventureGame Boy
Brain LordSuper Nintendo
Bubble BobbleNintendo
Bubsy: Claws Encounters Of The Furred KindSuper Nintendo
Bucky O'HareNintendo
Bugs Bunny Birthday BlowoutNintendo
Bugs Bunny Crazy CastleNintendo
Captain SkyhawkNintendo
CentipedeGame Boy
Chester Cheetah: Too Cool To FoolSuper Nintendo
Clay FighterSuper Nintendo
Clay Fighter 2 Judgment ClaySuper Nintendo
Clay Fighter Tournament EditionSuper Nintendo
Contra The Alien WarsGame Boy
Cool WorldSuper Nintendo
Crash Bandicoot - The Huge AdventureGame Boy Advance
Crash Bandicoot 2 - N-TrancedGame Boy Advance
CybernatorSuper Nintendo
Darkwing DuckNintendo
DefenderGame Boy Advance
Defender - For All MankindGame Boy Advance
Defender 2Nintendo
Defender joustGame Boy
Desert Strike: Return To The GulfSuper Nintendo
Donkey KongNintendo
Donkey Kong CountrySuper Nintendo
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's QuestSuper Nintendo
Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double TroubleSuper Nintendo
Double DragonNintendo
Double Dragon 2: The RevengeNintendo
Double Dragon 3: The Sacred StonesNintendo
Dr MarioNintendo
Dragon Ball - Advanced AdventureGame Boy Advance
Dragon Ball Z - Buu's FuryGame Boy Advance
Dragon Ball Z - Supersonic WarriorsGame Boy Advance
Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of GokuGame Boy Advance
Dragon Ball Z - The Legacy of Goku IIGame Boy Advance
Dragon PowerNintendo
Dragon Quest 5: Bride Of HeavenSuper Nintendo
Dragon WarriorNintendo
Dragon Warrior 1 & 2Game Boy Color
Dragon Warrior 2Nintendo
Dragon Warrior 3Nintendo
Dragon Warrior 3Game Boy Color
Dragon Warrior 4Nintendo
Dragon Warrior MonstersGame Boy Color
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi' JourneyGame Boy Color
Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's AdventureGame Boy Color
Dragon's FuryGenesis
Dragon's Fury 2: Dragon's RevengeGenesis
Duck TalesNintendo
EarthBound 2: Mother 3Game Boy Advance
Elf Bowling 1 & 2Game Boy Advance
EVO: Search For EdenSuper Nintendo
Fester's QuestNintendo
Final Fantasy AdventureGame Boy
Final Fantasy LegendGame Boy
Final Fantasy Legend 2Game Boy
Final Fantasy Legend 3Game Boy
Final Fantasy: Mystic QuestSuper Nintendo
Fire EmblemGame Boy Advance
Fire Emblem - The Sacred StonesGame Boy Advance
Fist of the North StarNintendo
Frogger's Adventures - Temple of the FrogGame Boy Advance
Frogger's Adventures 2 - The Lost WandGame Boy Advance
Galaga and GalaxianGame Boy
Game and Watch GalleryGame Boy
Game and Watch Gallery 2Game Boy
Garfield and His Nine LivesGame Boy Advance
Gargoyle's Quest Ghosts'n GoblinsGame Boy
Gauntlet 2Nintendo
Gekido Advance - Kintaro's RevengeGame Boy Advance
Ghosts 'N GoblinsNintendo
Ghoul SchoolNintendo
Godzilla - Domination!Game Boy Advance
Golden SunGame Boy Advance
Golden Sun - The Lost AgeGame Boy Advance
Goonies II, The: The Fratellis' Last StandNintendo
Gradius 2: Gofer no YabouNintendo
Gradius 3Super Nintendo
Grand Theft Auto AdvanceGame Boy Advance
Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, TheGame Boy Advance
Guardian LegendNintendo
Gunstar Super HeroesGame Boy Advance
Harvest Moon - Friends of Mineral TownGame Boy Advance
Home Alone 2: Lost In New YorkNintendo
Hugo - The Evil Mirror AdvanceGame Boy Advance
HyperzoneSuper Nintendo
Illusion Of GaiaSuper Nintendo
Image FightNintendo
Indiana Jones And The Last CrusadeGame Boy
Ironsword: Wizards and Warriors 2Nintendo
Jet Grind RadioGame Boy Advance
Joe & MacNintendo
Joe And Mac 2: Lost In The TropicsSuper Nintendo
Joe And Mac Caveman NinjaSuper Nintendo
Judge DreddGame Boy
Jungle BookNintendo
Jungle StrikeSuper Nintendo
Jurassic ParkSuper Nintendo
Ken Griffey Jr Presents Major League BaseballSuper Nintendo
Kickle CubicleNintendo
King Of The Monsters 2Super Nintendo
Kingdom Hearts - Chain of MemoriesGame Boy Advance
Kirby - Nightmare in Dream LandGame Boy Advance
Kirby & the Amazing MirrorGame Boy Advance
Kirby's AdventureNintendo
Kirby's Dream CourseSuper Nintendo
Kirby's Dream LandGame Boy
Kirby's Dream Land 2Game Boy
Kirby's Dream Land 3Super Nintendo
Kirby's Pinball LandGame Boy
KlaxGame Boy
Krusty's Fun HouseNintendo
Krusty's Super Fun HouseSuper Nintendo
Kung FuNintendo
Lawnmower ManSuper Nintendo
Legend of Zelda, The - A Link to the PastSuper Nintendo
Legend Of Zelda: Link's AwakeningGame Boy
Legendary WingsNintendo
LemmingsGame Boy
Lemmings 2: TribesGame Boy
Life ForceNintendo
Lone RangerNintendo
Mappy LandNintendo
Marble MadnessNintendo
Mario & Luigi - Superstar SagaGame Boy Advance
Mario BrosNintendo
Mario Golf - Advance TourGame Boy Advance
Mario Kart - Super CircuitGame Boy Advance
Mario Pinball LandGame Boy Advance
Mazes of FateGame Boy Advance
Mega ManNintendo
Mega Man & BassGame Boy Advance
Mega Man 2Game Boy
Mega Man 2 The Enigma of Dr. WilyNintendo
Mega Man 3Game Boy
Mega Man 3 The End of Dr. Wily!?Nintendo
Mega Man 4Game Boy
Mega Man 4 A New Evil Ambition!!Nintendo
Mega Man 5 Proto Man's Trap!?Nintendo
Mega Man 6 The Greatest Battle in History!!Nintendo
Mega Man Battle Chip ChallengeGame Boy Advance
Mega Man Battle NetworkGame Boy Advance
Mega Man Battle Network 2Game Boy Advance
Mega Man Battle Network 3 - Blue VersionGame Boy Advance
Mega Man Battle Network 3 - White VersionGame Boy Advance
Mega Man Battle Network 4 - Blue MoonGame Boy Advance
Mega Man Battle Network 4 - Red SunGame Boy Advance
Mega Man Battle Network 5 - Team ColonelGame Boy Advance
Mega Man Battle Network 5 - Team Proto ManGame Boy Advance
Mega Man Battle Network 6 - Cybeast FalzarGame Boy Advance
Mega Man Battle Network 6 - Cybeast GregarGame Boy Advance
Mega Man VGame Boy
Mega Man XSuper Nintendo
Mega Man X 2Super Nintendo
Mega Man X 3Super Nintendo
Mega Man ZeroGame Boy Advance
Mega Man Zero 2Game Boy Advance
Mega Man Zero 3Game Boy Advance
Mega Man Zero 4Game Boy Advance
Mega Man: Dr Wily ReturnsGame Boy
Mega Mans SoccerSuper Nintendo
Megaman XtremeGame Boy Color
Megaman Xtreme 2Game Boy Color
Metal GearNintendo
Metal Slug AdvanceGame Boy Advance
Metroid - Zero MissionGame Boy Advance
Metroid 2 Return Of SamusGame Boy
Metroid FusionGame Boy Advance
Mickey MousecapadeNintendo
Micro MachinesNintendo
Mighty Morphin Power RangersSuper Nintendo
Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!Nintendo
Milon's Secret CastleNintendo
MinesweeperGame Boy
Missile CommandGame Boy
Mission ImpossibleNintendo
Monster HouseGame Boy Advance
Monster PartyNintendo
Monster Rancher AdvanceGame Boy Advance
Monster Rancher Advance 2Game Boy Advance
Ms Pac ManGame Boy
Mystic QuestGame Boy
Mystic Quest Legend, Final Fantasy:Super Nintendo
NBA Jam Tournament EditionSuper Nintendo
NFL Quarterback ClubSuper Nintendo
Ninja GaidenNintendo
Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of ChaosNintendo
Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship Of DoomNintendo
Ninja Gaiden ShadowGame Boy
Nintendo World CupNintendo
Oddworld AdventuresGame Boy
Ogre Battle: The March Of The Black QueenSuper Nintendo
Onimusha TacticsGame Boy Advance
Operation CGame Boy
Pac ManGame Boy
Pac Man 2: The New AdventuresSuper Nintendo
Pac-Man WorldGame Boy Advance
Pac-Man World 2Game Boy Advance
Paperboy 2Super Nintendo
PaybackGame Boy Advance
Penguin WarsGame Boy
Phantasy Star CollectionGame Boy Advance
PilotwingsSuper Nintendo
Pinball AdvanceGame Boy Advance
Pinball of the Dead, TheGame Boy Advance
Pinball TycoonGame Boy Advance
Pipe DreamNintendo
Pokemon - Emerald VersionGame Boy Advance
Pokemon BlueGame Boy
Pokemon GreenGame Boy
Pokemon Pinball - Ruby & SapphireGame Boy Advance
Pokemon RedGame Boy
Pokemon Trading Card GameGame Boy Color
Pokemon: Gold VersionGame Boy Color
Pokemon: Silver VersionGame Boy Color
Pokemon: Yellow VersionGame Boy Color
PopulousSuper Nintendo
Primal RageSuper Nintendo
R typeGame Boy
R Type 2Game Boy
R Type 3: The Third LightningSuper Nintendo
Rainbow Islands The Story of Bubble Bobble 2Nintendo
Rampage - Puzzle AttackGame Boy Advance
Rebelstar - Tactical CommandGame Boy Advance
River City RansomNintendo
Riviera - The Promised LandGame Boy Advance
Road Rash - JailbreakGame Boy Advance
Road RunnerNintendo
Road Runner's Death Valley RallySuper Nintendo
Robopon 2 - Cross VersionGame Boy Advance
Robopon 2 - Ring VersionGame Boy Advance
Rockman WorldGame Boy
Rolan's CurseGame Boy
Rolan's Curse 2Game Boy
Sabre WulfGame Boy Advance
Samurai Jack - The Amulet of TimeGame Boy Advance
Samurai ShodownSuper Nintendo
Scooby DooSuper Nintendo
Scooby-Doo! - Mystery MayhemGame Boy Advance
Scurge - HiveGame Boy Advance
Secret Of EvermoreSuper Nintendo
Secret Of ManaSuper Nintendo
Shaman King - Legacy of the Spirits - Soaring HawkGame Boy Advance
Shaman King - Legacy of the Spirits - Sprinting WolfGame Boy Advance
Shaman King - Master of SpiritsGame Boy Advance
Shaman King - Master of Spirits 2Game Boy Advance
Shining SoulGame Boy Advance
Shining Soul IIGame Boy Advance
Sim CitySuper Nintendo
Sim City 2000Super Nintendo
Sim Earth: The Living PlanetSuper Nintendo
Simpsons: Bart and The BeanstalkGame Boy
Simpsons: Bart Vs The JuggernautsGame Boy
Simpsons: Bart vs the Space MutantsNintendo
Simpsons: Bart vs The WorldNintendo
Simpsons: Bart's NightmareSuper Nintendo
Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive ManNintendo
Simpsons: Escape From Camp DeadlyGame Boy
Skate or Die!Nintendo
Sky SharkNintendo
Smash TVNintendo
Smash TV, SuperSuper Nintendo
Snake Rattle 'n RollNintendo
Snake's RevengeNintendo
Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden WarpshipNintendo
Solomon's KeyNintendo
Soul BlazerSuper Nintendo
Space HarrierNintendo
Spider Man And Venom: Maximum CarnageSuper Nintendo
Spider Man: Return of the Sinister SixNintendo
Spot: The Video GameNintendo
Spud's AdventureGame Boy
Spy Vs SpyNintendo
Star Wars The Arcade GameNintendo
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackNintendo
Super CNintendo
Super Dodge BallNintendo
Super Ghouls 'N GhostsSuper Nintendo
Super Glove BallNintendo
Super Mario All StarsSuper Nintendo
Super Mario BrosNintendo
Super Mario Bros 2Nintendo
Super Mario Bros 3Nintendo
Super Mario Bros: The Lost LevelsNintendo
Super Mario LandGame Boy
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsGame Boy
Super Mario Land 3 Wario LandGame Boy
Super Mario Land 4Game Boy
Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven StarsSuper Nintendo
Super Mario WorldSuper Nintendo
Super Mario World 2: Yoshis IslandSuper Nintendo
Super MetroidSuper Nintendo
Super PuttySuper Nintendo
Super R TypeSuper Nintendo
Super SprintNintendo
Swamp ThingGame Boy
Taz ManiaSuper Nintendo
Tecmo BaseballNintendo
Tecmo BowlNintendo
Tecmo Super BowlNintendo
Tecmo Super BowlSuper Nintendo
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesNintendo
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesGame Boy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Back from the SewersGame Boy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade GameNintendo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: Radical RescueGame Boy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3: The Manhattan ProjectNintendo
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 4: Turtles In TimeSuper Nintendo
TerranigmaSuper Nintendo
Tetris Nintendo
TetrisGame Boy
Tetris 2Nintendo
Tetris The Soviet ChallengeNintendo
Tiger HeliNintendo
Tiny Toon Adventures 2 Trouble in WackylandNintendo
Tiny Toon Adventures Babs' Big BreakNintendo
Tiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!Super Nintendo
Todd McFarlane's Spawn: The Video GameSuper Nintendo
Tom and JerryGame Boy
Tom And JerrySuper Nintendo
Tom and Jerry: The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse!Nintendo
Town and Country Surf Designs Wood and Water RageNintendo
Ultima 3 ExodusNintendo
Ultima 4 Quest of the AvatarNintendo
Ultima: Warriors of DestinyNintendo
Uncanny X MenNintendo
Uncharted WatersSuper Nintendo
Virtual BartSuper Nintendo
Wario Land 2Game Boy
Wario's WoodsNintendo
WarioWare, Inc. - Mega Microgame$!Game Boy Advance
Wayne's WorldSuper Nintendo
We're Back! A Dinosaur's StorySuper Nintendo
Wizards & WarriorsNintendo
Wizards and Warriors 3: Kuros Visions of PowerNintendo
WordtrisGame Boy
WormsGame Boy
WWF WrestleManiaNintendo
Xevious The AvengerNintendo
Yo! NoidNintendo
Yoshi's CookieSuper Nintendo
Zombies Ate My NeighborsSuper Nintendo
Parsons13's Other Scores

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