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902silverminer's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Blockade Runner - ColecoVision 77285 00:00 09-17-2010 3542 09:56:50 Unknown
Gorf - ColecoVision 38550 00:00 11-14-2010 3484 17:23:38 Unknown
Robo Wres 2001 - Coin Op 12400 00:00 04-23-2011 3324 12:21:30 Unknown
Tri Pool - Coin Op 202 00:00 01-05-2011 3432 08:14:34 Unknown
Player Details for 902silverminer
World Records: 0
Cleared: 6
1st Place: 6
2nd Place: 9
3rd Place: 26
Top Ten: 364
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 364
Total Scores: 655
Games Played: 4302
Time Spent on Scores: 3 06:33:59
Leaderboard Points: 1958
View Profile: 902silverminer
902silverminer's Cleared Games
BasketballCoin Op
CheckmateCoin Op
Donkey KongAtari 7800
Maze of Flott Coin Op
902silverminer's Favorites
Armor AttackCoin Op
AsylumCoin Op
BadlandsCoin Op
BagmanCoin Op
Burger TimeCoin Op
Cosmic AvengerCoin Op
Crazy KongCoin Op
Diamond RunCoin Op
Dig Dug Coin Op
Dig DugGame Boy
Dig DugAtari 5200
Donkey Kong JrNintendo
Donkey Kong JuniorCoin Op
Explosive BreakerCoin Op
Fantastic DizzyGenesis
FrenzyCoin Op
FroggerAtari 5200
Front LineCoin Op
Gravitar Coin Op
Heavy MetalCoin Op
Intrepid Coin Op
Jeon Sin Guardian Storm Coin Op
Jr Pac ManCoin Op
Jungle KingCoin Op
Karnov Coin Op
Kid Niki: Radical NinjaCoin Op
Legend of ValkyrieCoin Op
Mario BrosCoin Op
Maze of Flott Coin Op
Miner 2049erColecoVision
Miner 2049erGame Boy
Moon Cresta Coin Op
Mr. Do!Coin Op
Ms Pac ManCoin Op
Ms Pac ManSega
Omega RaceCoin Op
Pac & PalCoin Op
Pac ManCoin Op
Pac Man PlusCoin Op
Pepper 2Coin Op
Peter Pack RatCoin Op
Pit & Run Coin Op
Popeye Coin Op
Psychic 5Coin Op
PulsarCoin Op
Qbert Coin Op
QBert 3Super Nintendo
Qix Coin Op
R Type 2Coin Op
RaimaisCoin Op
Rally XCoin Op
Roc'n RopeCoin Op
Space FuryCoin Op
Super DK! JuniorColecoVision
TutankhamCoin Op
Venture Coin Op
Wardner Coin Op
Zig Zag Coin Op
902silverminer's Other Scores
2Oil's WellColecoVision

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