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mario90s's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Player Details for mario90s
World Records: 0
Cleared: 0
1st Place: 0
2nd Place: 0
3rd Place: 0
Top Ten: 3
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 3
Total Scores: 36
Games Played: 1478
Time Spent on Scores: 05:47:02
Leaderboard Points: 16
View Profile: mario90s
mario90s's Cleared Games
mario90s's Favorites
Action 52Nintendo
Action 52 in 1Genesis
Arm WrestlingCoin Op
Back to the FutureNintendo
Bank PanicCoin Op
Batman ForeverSuper Nintendo
Batman ReturnsGame Gear
Beast BustersCoin Op
Beauty And The BeastSuper Nintendo
Beauty And The Beast: Roar Of The BeastGenesis
Blues BrothersNintendo
Blues BrothersGame Boy
Blues BrothersSuper Nintendo
Blues Brothers: Jukebox AdventureGame Boy
BombermanTurbo Grafx-16
Bomberman 2Nintendo
Bram Stoker's DraculaGame Gear
Bram Stoker's DraculaGenesis
Bram Stoker's DraculaSuper Nintendo
Breath Of FireSuper Nintendo
Castlevania 2 Belmont's RevengeGame Boy
Castlevania 2: Simon's QuestNintendo
Castlevania 3: Dracula's CurseNintendo
Castlevania 6Nintendo
Castlevania AdventureGame Boy
Castlevania BloodlinesGenesis
Castlevania LegendsGame Boy
Castlevania: Dracula XSuper Nintendo
Cheetah Men 2Nintendo
Congo's CaperSuper Nintendo
ContraCoin Op
Contra 3: The Alien WarsSuper Nintendo
Contra ForceNintendo
Contra Hard CorpsGenesis
Contra The Alien WarsGame Boy
Crazy KongCoin Op
Crime CityAmiga
Deja VuNintendo
Deja Vu 2: Lost In Las VegasAmiga
Dick TracyNintendo
Donkey KongCoin Op
Donkey KongNintendo
Donkey KongGame Boy
Donkey Kong 3Coin Op
Donkey Kong 3Nintendo
Donkey Kong JrNintendo
Donkey Kong JuniorCoin Op
DoomSuper Nintendo
Dr Jekyll and Mr HydeNintendo
Dr MarioNintendo
Dr MarioGame Boy
Drac's Night OutNintendo
Duke Nukem 3DGenesis
EarthBound 0: MotherNintendo
EarthBound: The War Against GiygasSuper Nintendo
Elevator ActionNintendo
Final FantasyNintendo
Final Fantasy 2Nintendo
Final Fantasy 2Super Nintendo
Final Fantasy 3Nintendo
Final Fantasy 3Super Nintendo
Final Fantasy AdventureGame Boy
Final Fantasy Hack: ChristmasNintendo
Final Fantasy LegendGame Boy
Final Fantasy: Mystic QuestSuper Nintendo
Frankenstein: The Monster ReturnsNintendo
Frankenstein's MonsterAtari 2600
Game and Watch GalleryGame Boy
Game and Watch Gallery 2Game Boy
GodzillaGame Boy
GodzillaGame Gear
Godzilla 2: War of the MonstersNintendo
Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!Nintendo
Haunted Castle Coin Op
Hitchhiker's Guide to the GalaxyText Adventures
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: The Radio SeriesAudio
Incredible HulkGame Gear
Incredible HulkGenesis
Incredible HulkSega
Incredible HulkSuper Nintendo
King Kong 2 Ikari No Megaton PunchNintendo
Kung FuNintendo
Legend of Zelda, TheNintendo
Legend Of Zelda: Link's AwakeningGame Boy
Mario BrosCoin Op
Mario BrosNintendo
Mario Is MissingSuper Nintendo
Mario Is Missing!Nintendo
Mario's Time Machine!Nintendo
Mary Shelley's FrankensteinSuper Nintendo
Mega ManNintendo
Mega ManGame Gear
Mega Man 2Game Boy
Mega Man 2 The Enigma of Dr. WilyNintendo
Mega Man 2: Power FightersCoin Op
Mega Man 3Game Boy
Mega Man 3 The End of Dr. Wily!?Nintendo
Mega Man 4Game Boy
Mega Man 4 A New Evil Ambition!!Nintendo
Mega Man 5 Proto Man's Trap!?Nintendo
Mega Man 6 The Greatest Battle in History!!Nintendo
Mega Man 7 Showdown of Destiny!Super Nintendo
Mega Man In The Mushroom KingdomNintendo
Mega Man VGame Boy
Mega Man XSuper Nintendo
Mega Man X 2Super Nintendo
Mega Man X 3Super Nintendo
Mega Man Zero h5Flash
Mega Man: Dr Wily ReturnsGame Boy
Mega Man: Power Battle Coin Op
Mega Man: The Return of WilyNintendo
Mega Man: The Wily WarsGenesis
Mega Man: Wily's ConquestNintendo
Mega Mans SoccerSuper Nintendo
Metal GearNintendo
Michael Jackson's MoonwalkerGenesis
Michael Jackson's MoonwalkerSega
Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!Nintendo
Mortal KombatCoin Op
Mortal KombatSuper Nintendo
NES Open Tournament GolfNintendo
New Ghostbusters 2Nintendo
Nightshade Part 1 The Claws of SutekhNintendo
Ninja GaidenNintendo
Ninja Gaiden 2: The Dark Sword of ChaosNintendo
Ninja Gaiden 3: The Ancient Ship Of DoomNintendo
Operation CGame Boy
Pac LandNintendo
Pac LandTurbo Grafx-16
Pac ManCoin Op
Pac Man Nintendo
Pac ManGame Boy
Pitfall!Atari 2600
Pokemon BlueGame Boy
Pokemon GreenGame Boy
Pokemon RedGame Boy
Power Punch 2Nintendo
Prince of PersiaNintendo
Punch Out!!Coin Op
Punch Out!! Featuring Mr DreamNintendo
Rambo First Blood Part 2Sega
Robocop Versus TerminatorSega
Rockman MegaworldGenesis
Rockman X 3Genesis
SheriffCoin Op
Sim CitySuper Nintendo
Sim City 2000Super Nintendo
Sim Earth: The Living PlanetSuper Nintendo
Smash TV, SuperSuper Nintendo
Snake's RevengeNintendo
Sonic The HedgehogGenesis
Sonic the Hedgehog SpinballGenesis
Splatterhouse 2Genesis
Splatterhouse 3Genesis
Star FoxSuper Nintendo
Star Fox 2Super Nintendo
Street Fighter Coin Op
Street Fighter 2Flash
Street Fighter 2Sega
Street Fighter 2 Plus Champion EditionGenesis
Street Fighter 2, Super: The New ChallengersGenesis
Street Fighter 2: Special Champion EditionGenesis
Street Fighter 2: The World WarriorSuper Nintendo
Street Fighter 2: TurboGenesis
Street Fighter 2010Nintendo
Street Fighter 3Nintendo
Street Fighter Alpha 2Super Nintendo
Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' DreamsCoin Op
Street Fighter II TurboSuper Nintendo
Street Fighter II: The World WarriorCoin Op
Street Fighter II' Champion EditionCoin Op
Street RacerSuper Nintendo
Super CNintendo
Super Castlevania 4Super Nintendo
Super GodzillaSuper Nintendo
Super Mario All StarsSuper Nintendo
Super Mario BrosNintendo
Super Mario Bros 2Nintendo
Super Mario Bros 3Nintendo
Super Mario Bros: The Lost LevelsNintendo
Super Mario LandGame Boy
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden CoinsGame Boy
Super Mario Land 3 Wario LandGame Boy
Super Mario RPG: Legend Of The Seven StarsSuper Nintendo
Super Mario WorldGenesis
Super Mario World 2: Yoshis IslandSuper Nintendo
Super Punch OutSuper Nintendo
Super Punch Out!!Coin Op
TeleroboxerVirtual Boy
Tetris and Dr MarioSuper Nintendo
Toy StorySuper Nintendo
Uncanny X MenNintendo
Virtual BartSuper Nintendo
Wario Land 2Game Boy
Wario Land: The Secret Treasure of AwazonVirtual Boy
Wario's WoodsNintendo
Wario's WoodsSuper Nintendo
Wario's Woods, BSSuper Nintendo
Yo! NoidNintendo
Zelda II - The Adventure of LinkNintendo
mario90s's Other Scores
4Pac LandNintendo

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