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Ragtag's First Place Trophies
Game Score Time Spent Date High Score Age World Record
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom - Coin Op 57704 00:00 05-21-2013 2562 15:04:14 Unknown
Pirates of Dark Water - Genesis 475200 00:00 05-12-2009 4032 14:06:56 Unknown
Smash TV, Super - Super Nintendo 24699300 00:00 04-22-2009 4052 12:12:26 Unknown
Sword of Sodan - Genesis 50250 00:00 04-22-2009 4052 09:11:08 Unknown
Player Details for Ragtag
World Records: 0
Cleared: 1
1st Place: 4
2nd Place: 6
3rd Place: 11
Top Ten: 31
Outside Top Ten: 0
Distinct Scores: 31
Total Scores: 49
Games Played: 1242
Time Spent on Scores: 1 08:20:51
Leaderboard Points: 352
View Profile: Ragtag
Ragtag's Cleared Games
King Of DragonsSuper Nintendo
Ragtag's Favorites
7th SagaSuper Nintendo
Alien Vs PredatorSuper Nintendo
Arkanoid: Doh It AgainSuper Nintendo
Blades of VengenceGenesis
Caliber .50Genesis
California GamesNintendo
Donkey KongNintendo
Duck TalesNintendo
Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of DoomCoin Op
Final FightSuper Nintendo
Fire Emblem: Genealogy Of The Holy WarSuper Nintendo
Gain GroundGenesis
GI Joe Coin Op
Gradius 3Super Nintendo
Guerrilla WarNintendo
King of DragonsCoin Op
King Of DragonsSuper Nintendo
Knights of the RoundSuper Nintendo
Mazin Saga: Mutant FighterGenesis
Midnight ResistanceGenesis
Ninja WarriorsSuper Nintendo
Paperboy 2Super Nintendo
Pirate TreasureCoin Op
Rambo 3Coin Op
RastanCoin Op
Secret Of ManaSuper Nintendo
Shining Force 2: Return of the KingGenesis
SplatterhouseTurbo Grafx-16
StriderCoin Op
Super Off RoadSuper Nintendo
Super Punch OutSuper Nintendo
Tecmo Super BowlNintendo
Undercover Cops Coin Op
WWF WrestleFestCoin Op
X MenCoin Op
XenophobeCoin Op
Ragtag's Other Scores
2Knights of the RoundSuper Nintendo

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