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Mission: Con-Bat is a Simulation game, developed and published by Questrek, which was released in 1988.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 500   Released: 1988
Keywords: Simulation

Personal Best: N/A
Moonfall is a Simulation game, developed by The Evil 3 and published by 21st Century Entertainment, which was released in Europe in 1991.
Rating: Not rated yet
Times Played: 564   Released: 1991
Keywords: Simulation

Personal Best: N/A
Essentially, the game is an exercise in supply and demand economics that is set in space (on the planet Irata, which is Atari backwards) and involves competition between four players. To win the game, the players not only must compete against each other, but they need to cooperate with each other for the survival of the colony. Central to the game is the acquisition and use of "M.U.L.E."s (Multiple Use Labor Element) to develop and harvest the player's real estate which can consist of: Energy, Food, Smithore (from which M.U.L.E.s are constructed), and Crystite. Players must balance supply and demand of these four elements (Crystite is available as an option during Tournament play only) as well as other events such as fires, theft, etc. The game was revolutionary in the ease with which it allowed multiplayer interaction.
Rating: 1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes1 Votes
Times Played: 1483   Released: 1990
Personal Best: N/A

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