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Description A 3-D racing game from Sega in which the player must pass a set number of rival racers (usually 30) before the time limit expires. Success would see the player progress to the next stage. Turbo's gameplay was unique in that centered ENTIRELY on the passing of cars; while the tracks the player raced on had all of the usual bends and turns of the racing genre, they existed purely for effect and at no point did the player actually have to STEER through them.

Turbo was the world's first full-color, sprite scaling racing game and not, as many assume, Namco's "Pole Position". Turbo was released a full year before the Namco legend and is a further example of how Sega have dominated and innovated within the arcade racing genre.

This was the first game ever to feature the now common third-person perspective (action is viewed above and behind the player's car), that virtually all subsequent racing games would come to utilize.
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ExedExes is the champion of
Highscore: 25,201
# Username Score Comment Time
1 ExedExes 25,201 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
12-01-14 1:46
2 ebinsugewa 19,188
12-01-14 0:01
3 D.B. Cooper 18,218 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
06-12-13 20:48
4 Seahawk 18,012
12-01-09 21:13
5 Teddy Loc 15,160 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
02-21-17 23:50
6 PP1969GR 11,202
08-20-16 0:37
7 Lauren Tyler 10,932
03-18-16 15:59
8 DJWheels 9,339 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
03-05-14 22:41
9 FaustoRoi 4,755
11-05-14 21:17

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