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    Power Drift High Scores
Description In Power Drift, a single player races against eleven other drivers over any one of five abstract and hugely demanding courses. The game's 25 stages (separated into five different races, only ONE of which can be played per game) are constructed of undulating, tilting, roller coaster-esque tracks; featuring jumps, drops and chicanes. On most of the stages, it's possible to 'fall off' the higher sections of the track, crashing to the ground below and losing valuable seconds.

Power Drift's superb Roller Coaster effect was enhanced further with the introduction of a 'tilting axis'; as the player steers left and right, the screen display mirrors the controller's movements and tilts on its axis, in a similar fashion to another Sega game, "After Burner".

Power Drift was yet another visually superb 3-D "sprite-scaling" racing game from Sega and, having already perfected the racing genre with 1986's "Out Run" and the "Hang-on" series; the company charged Yu Suzuki and his team to take the arcade racer in a wholly new direction.
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D.B. Cooper is the champion of
Power Drift
Highscore: 1,027,694
# Username Score Comment Time
1 D.B. Cooper 1,027,694 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
07-11-13 21:07
2 PP1969GR 789,283
10-27-16 11:30
3 Kong 769,235 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
01-03-13 18:30
4 VIper 677,024 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
10-04-11 9:01
5 Wonderboy79 433,267
02-07-10 19:04
6 stevie78 362,523
11-30-15 15:15
7 Teddy Loc 315,151
03-05-17 16:07
8 Jack Bando 59,027
03-17-13 19:52

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