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Description PuLiRuLa is a six-level, sideways scrolling beat-em-up for 1 or 2 players that defies any logic in either its theme or its graphical approach; that places the players in a dream-like world populated by armies of strange and bizarre creatures.

PuLiRuLa's plot centres around the world of 'Radishland'. Each of Radishland's six towns is kept running smoothly with the aid of a giant key, which is necessary to keep the world's 'time-flow' moving. The key is stolen by a mysterious enemy and the timeflow is disrupted. Players must fight their way through waves of increasingly abstract enemies in their quest to recover the key and restore time to Radishland.

To aid players in their quest, they are each armed with a magical stick, with which they can hit and defeat the game's abstract enemies. Players are also armed with a limited number of smart bombs, capable of killing multiple enemies. The smart bombs are as visually unique as the rest of the game; taking the form of such things as a herd of running animals, a purple dancing blob-like man or a man in a giant microwave oven who captures and cooks any on-screen enemies. When killed, the enemies disappear and an animal or townsperson is released from inside the creature.
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elrod21 is the champion of
Highscore: 49,510
# Username Score Comment Time
1 elrod21 49,510 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
02-14-12 23:59
2 RevJ 34,030 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
11-11-11 5:12
3 Teddy Loc 30,200 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
08-06-14 22:46
4 stevie78 29,250
06-30-19 12:51
5 Dojah 26,670
01-18-10 1:35
6 DrunkN 26,370
01-18-10 1:52

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