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Description Metal Clash is a futuristic fighter game for one or two players. In one player mode, the player pilots the metariod 'Saiber' to annihilate the alien robots.

The player pilots his robot around the screen destroying enemy robots using punches and kicks. Flying saucers can be destroyed for a life energy boost. Items in the background can be destroyed for points. After defeating a set number of enemies the stage's boss will appear. The boss is more powerful than regular enemies, and has his own life energy bar shown on screen. Some of these bosses can be disarmed of their powerful weapons (such as guns and energy shields) which the player can equip and carry on into further levels.

When hit by enemies, the player will lose energy and will drop any weapons that he has equipped. When the player's life energy is completely depleted he will lose a life. The game is over once all of the player's lives are lost. The game features no continues.

The two player game is a vs. match between players. Gameplay continues until one player has lost all of his lives.
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Tails is the champion of
Metal Clash
Highscore: 42,670
# Username Score Comment Time
1 Tails 42,670 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
03-14-13 3:14
2 RU Joe 36,630
05-14-10 2:36
3 stevie78 36,260
12-01-18 15:48
4 Teddy Loc 24,070
03-14-13 0:44
5 Jack Bando 20,640
03-05-13 17:41
6 Youchoptrees 19,390
03-01-14 2:21

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