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Description Magician Lord is a side-scrolling platform shoot-em-up in which players take on the roll of a wizard called Elta - the last Magician Lord - on his quest to save his homeland from the evil Gul-Agieze, who plans to resurrect the God of Destruction using 8 tomes of mystical power.

Elta has to jump, shoot and climb his way to the end of each of the game's 8 levels where he must beat a servant of Gal, along with one of Gal's sinister boss creations. To complete the game Elta must reach the final stage and defeat Az Atorse himself. If the player takes too long to complete a stage, Elta will be harassed by an invincible monster.

Elta's primary form of attack is a weak but fast-moving energy projectile that can fired in one of four directions, but by collecting the special coloured orbs that ocassionally appear, he can transform into a different form, making him more powerful and giving him new attacks.

These are the six different forms that Elta can assume by picking up the colored orbs:

* Dragon Warrior: In this form Elta attacks by breathing fire; a continuous short-range attack that, unlike the standad attack, can also be aimed diagonally.

* Waterman: The Waterman-form attacks with water grenades
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SirDragoon is the champion of
Magician Lord
Highscore: 337,480
# Username Score Comment Time
1 SirDragoon 337,480 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
02-09-11 21:17
2 fogelmir 276,520
12-19-10 16:46
3 Teddy Loc 50,740 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
08-17-14 13:53
4 Jack Bando 22,500
12-16-12 11:26

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