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Description Return of the Jedi is a scrolling shoot-em-up based on the legendary Star Wars trilogy (specifically, the third film, 'Episode VI: Return of the Jedi') and - unlike its vector-based prequel - is rendered in an isometric forced-perspective viewpoint, similar to that pioneered in Sega's 1982 classic, "Zaxxon".

The ultimate aim of the game is to reach and destroy the Death Star and escape alive. Success is achieved by surviving an 'attack wave', which consists of four different scenes. Play switches between Endor and space-based scenes, with each one putting the player in control of a different vehicle from the movie.

The scenes are based on three distinct locations taken from the original movie. They are: The forest moon of Endor, Attack on the Death Star, and Space battle.

* SCENE 1: Speeder Bike chase on Endor as Princess Leia. The goal is to reach the Ewok village alive.

* SCENE 2: Scout Walker chase on Endor as Chewbacca. The goal is to reach the shield generator.

* SCENE 3: Millennium Falcon attack on Death Star as Lando. The goal is to reach and destroy the Death Star power reactor.

* SCENE 4: Millennium Falcon escape from exploding Death Star. The goal is to escape the exploding Death Star.

* SPLIT SCENE: Play switches between scenes 2 and 3.

The scenes loop for as long as the player has lives remaining; although to increase variety, the order in which they appear is randomised as play progresses. Each successive wave increases in difficulty.
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Return of the Jedi
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1 unclechicken 646,650 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
11-25-12 22:10
2 Winnebagel 353,200 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
03-20-11 13:27
3 lestat7902 330,950
11-04-09 7:50
4 Kazziathor 46,480
07-27-11 10:06
5 stevie78 34,790
12-20-15 8:54
6 krehztim 18,540
04-24-15 20:23
7 ronfromfresno 11,360
11-03-09 16:04
8 thetedster 7,010
12-06-11 13:45

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