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Description BlaZe on: The Bio-Cyborg Challenge is a horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game.

A united space force known as the Imperial Earth Army was launched past the Solar System. When the Imperial Earth Army returned, it came armed with large, living robots known as Bio-Cyborgs that it used to dominate and oppress the societies of Earth. Players assume the role of a rebel forces pilot who has launched a surprise attack against the oppressive Imperial Earth Army, armed with a recently developed weapon capable of controlling the Bio-Cyborgs.

The player is set in control of The Garland TFF-01, a sub-standard space fighter ship that is only armed with a semi-auto or rapid fire laser gun known as the Beam Vulcan and the Tranquilander. Some enemy units can be captured and used in play; certain enemy robots, when shot by the player's Tranquilander, will morph into an outline of themselves. The player can then fly into the outline, and take on the form of the enemy robot, taking control of its weapons, agilities and special attacks.
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BlaZe on
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1 TodayIsForgotten 510,600 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
10-18-13 20:47
2 fogelmir 492,100
11-20-09 16:52
3 OmegaShadow 412,900
12-21-13 21:08
4 FudgyDRS 177,600
04-03-13 10:58
5 mr94chevys10 38,800
11-12-12 13:40
6 Teddy Loc 37,200
05-09-15 19:41
7 Jack Bando 34,000
10-18-12 15:04

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