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    Bio Ship Paladin High Scores
Description Bio-ship Paladin (also known as Space Battleship Gomora) is a horizontally scrolling shoot 'em up arcade game from 1990.

Taking place on the planet Atlantal, a huge battleship and space fleet suddenly appears and attacks Atlantal's largest city, Delila, leaving the city in ruin. The fleet, known only as The Aggressors, continue to spread throughout the planet and further into the galaxy, past the Galegino Path, the sea of flame. To drive out and stop The Aggressors, the best twin-seat space fighter on the planet - the Paladin - is sent out; a powerful bio-ship that can grow larger in strength and size. The Aggressors are suggested to have come from Earth as the enemies and bosses all have vehicle names of different languages and many of the bosses are actually named after alcoholic drinks.

The Paladin had a variety of offenses. Unlike most shoot 'em ups, the Paladin actually had an armor gauge, meaning that the ship would not be destroyed with one hit or brush up against a foreground object. The ship had a semi-automatic Laser weapon that, when held down, would charge up and unleash a stronger laser blast. The ship also had the Beam weapon. Once selected, players could use a manual aiming crosshair that could be placed anywhere on the screen, allowing the player to shoot any visible enemy fighter. Aside from those armaments, the players also had various pick-up items.
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BBH is the champion of
Bio Ship Paladin
Highscore: 507,800
# Username Score Comment Time
1 BBH 507,800
11-13-14 13:41
2 TodayIsForgotten 255,400 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
08-29-13 22:34
3 Gamenguru 239,100
01-19-11 22:59
4 Sid seattle 237,800 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
01-26-14 23:14
5 elrod21 221,300
11-27-10 11:51
6 Jack Bando 218,800
10-16-12 17:06
7 blondesurfergirl 218,400 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
07-21-16 2:40
8 fogelmir 196,300
08-08-10 3:10
9 Pessimeister 193,100
01-06-18 6:47
10 Teddy Loc 188,900
02-10-15 21:14
11 OmegaShadow 173,100
11-09-13 22:35

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