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    102 Dalmatians: Puppies To The Rescue High Scores
Description Story:
The game itself follows the films' storyline loosely. The player can choose the role of one of two dalmatians, Oddball or Domino, who are out in the backyard looking for treasure. It is not long before the player realizes that a toy found buried in a park was made at one of Cruella de Vil's toy factories; this alludes to the fact that Cruella's toy sales are down, which ultimately leads to the problem in the storyline. Facing financial ruin from lack of sales, Cruella sets an evil plan in motion - to reprogram her toys to capture any pets in sight. Oddball and Domino are the only puppies in their family who have not been captured when they return from the park. Their parents, Dottie and Dipstick, set out to rescue their puppies, commanding Oddball and Domino to stay home and 'be good.' The puppies do not listen, and are soon out on their biggest adventure yet - to save their brothers and sisters, and their parents who are captured along the way.

Throughout the game, the puppies have to rescue their siblings, fend off Cruella's henchmen, and Cruella herself several times, while navigating through all kinds of terrain, leading up to a final battle at Cruella's toy factory

Over the course of the game, the player has several opportunities to collect 'stickers' towards a virtual sticker book which can be accessed through the level menu. Various actions within the game will unlock stickers. Generally, there is a sticker for finding the first checkpoint and exiting every level, collecting 100 bones each level, and rescuing all the puppies in each level. Each level has its own individual tasks
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Top Scores
Sawys is the champion of
102 Dalmatians: Puppies To The Rescue
Highscore: 41,940
# Username Score Comment Time
1 Sawys 41,940 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video. + Cleared!
03-01-13 18:15
2 cecil 23,250 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
08-11-12 20:18
3 ChrisP 14,290 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
03-08-12 22:06
4 bustaboy46 11,420
10-08-12 12:14
5 joshdeal 11,010 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
02-16-12 1:41
6 eblemmon 5,630
11-26-15 1:52
7 lastexposfan 3,410
01-09-13 21:06
8 Tails 1,230
04-13-12 21:55
9 Jack Bando 1,200 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
01-20-12 21:10
Gold Star Incubator Cleared! Speedrun: 00:00:01
a 02-09-12 13:37
Gold Star Sawys Cleared! Speedrun: 01:42:50 + Verified! + Donors can watch this video.
a 03-01-13 18:15

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