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Ads Advanced Destroyer Simulator » Amiga Select Play Mode
Keywords: Simulation

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arcadeOX Full Mode » recommended! (fastest and most features)
arcadeOX Score Mode » Not supported in this game.
Java Full Mode » Not supported in this game.
Java Lite Mode » Not supported in this game.
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The Object of Ads Advanced Destroyer Simulator
Complete objectives given in each mission.

On the opening screen, game options will appear after 10 seconds.
NOTE: if you do not then select options within a few seconds, the game will go into demo mode automatically, but you will be able to exit demo mode when prompted to press Esc on the screen.

Parameters of the Realism is a list of useful cheats for beginners.
The Keys
Cursor keys = select game options, steer ship: left, right, up for ahead, down for reverse
Right Alt or Ctrl = decision, fire weapons
Space = fire weapons
M = map view
W = toggle wide/ tight map view
B = bridge view

C = cannon turret view
(while in turret view)
1 = man turret #1
2 = man turret #2
3 = man turret #3
(also in turret view, using the number pad)
8 = lower firing angle
2 = raise firing angle
4 = adjust fire left
6 = adjust fire right

T = torpedo view
(while in torpedo view)
1 = man port tubes
2 = man starboard tubes
(also in torpedo view, using the number pad)
4 = adjust fire left
6 = adjust fire right

R = activate radar
S = activate sonar
D = damage report/ ship status
P = pause

Shortcut keys:
F1 = bridge view
F2 = binocular view
F3 = cannon turret view
F4 = torpedo view
F5 = damage report/ ship status
F6 = torpedo view
F7 = n/a
F8 = n/a
F9 = port/ starboard explanation
F 10 = pause
F 11 = n/a
F 12 = n/a

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