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Re: A forum RPG.

I did a pet job in, Bro. Inspired by the PUP, no less (wink, wink). As for a BST type class, we'll see. If I can get the whole forum in on this, great. Is why I'm trying to keep it simple so it won't cause people to have migraines (I roll 7 dice! ATK + dice - enemy dice - defense power + time of day + *insert random variable here* = damage!)
I suppose...asking people to put their character in their sig is a bit much, huh? Well if I can get lots of people on this, then I'll see about asking the mods for assistance in making a "bio thread" kind of deal.

As for the storyline, the INTRO is generic, sure. But the story YOU guys create, that's gonna be the original one. I hope. As for the party vs. solo bit, that depends. Do YOU feel like teaming up with others? Can you keep track of multiple characters? (Also, Bro: The HP+4 bonus is intentional. They don't do anything that requires a stat, really. Well, Stamina and AP. But that's up to you to figure out. :P ) Lastly, I'll try to work out a ranged type class in my head.

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...I win. Updating first post now.
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