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Re: A forum RPG.

A+8 = 32/x= y+8, possible solution a=y=0 and x=4, would render the answer 8=8=8 :P, you set the equation up oddly, the # of solutions is most likely infinate, maybe we could find a random number generator and if it lands on even some abilities work, and others only work on odd, ect ect, another idea for combat (drawing from MW: Dark Age, Age of Destruction, and Expantion Packs for them) is have a defense # and you have to roll(using randoom number generator) 3 times add the totals up, and add to an Attack #(accuracy?/modifier?) and 2 ones is a critical miss/backfire(you take damage) and 2 sixes is a critcal hit, negate any numbers, possibly give more damage
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